Any normal- gauge II- scale models?

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    The narrow- gauge IIm (G) is very common scale. I am very interesting- what production is ever produced in this 1:22.5 scale- but for the normal 63.5 mm gauge?
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    One more- what is produced also to the IIe- scale- 32 mm gauge?
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    Please, explain, what is the F scale and give the links to the F scale commercial production.
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    F scale is 1:20.3.

    LGB chose to use 45mm track for meter gauge prototypes...
    1,000mm/45mm = 22.22...apprx 1:22.5 scale...G scale.

    Many people liked liked the convenience of 1/2" 1:24 became popular...
    24*45/25.4=42" gauge. This should really only be popular in New Zealand....

    In large scale, 1:29th (fake #1 gauge) took hold...
    29*45/25.4=51" gauge

    Real number one gauge is, of course:
    32*45/25.4=56.7" guage

    F scale was created for accurate models of 3' gauge trains...on #1 gauge track
    36"/45mm/25.4mm=1:20.3 scale....45mm/25.4mm*20.3=36" gauge.

    All of Bachmann's Large Scale Spectrum line is F scale...their shay, their 2-8-2, their 4-4-0s...

    Accucraft makes some awesome models...Their Mason Bogie will be awesome...

    I'm pretty sure that Hartford Products stuff is F scale...

    Basically, F scale has (or is) replaced G scale as the most popular large scale.

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