Any Mac users?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by SpArKeY_STi, Jul 22, 2004.


Mac or Windows?

  1. Mac all the way!

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  2. Windows... I can see clearly now!

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  3. Im not big on Comps I dont care

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  4. Nick S. owns Sparkey

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  1. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    If so... I LAUGH AT YOU! For buying these petty POS's! OMG these suck. ya i know they are better in some aspects, and that Microsoft just got their name out first, but Compair OS X to OS 1.5 ( i believe thats what my school ran ) ITS THE SAME CRAP! Litterally! Only diffrence is the Dock (Which BTW you can get on Win, I have one because i think those are freaking awsome) and its more colorful and better looking! other then that... SAME! How can you say your the best and newest, when nothings changed and all the "new" stuff you offer to Mac lubers can be emulated or Java scripted into Windows!

    Ah... just my lil rant... i recently moved for a bit to my aunts house and couldnt bring my computer (More or less just didnt want to mess with it) and so im Stuck on a Crapintosh iMac with the gay one button mouse, and only one IE open at a time... unless your a lucky one. Man im thankful for Gates' Rich white ass! :!: :!: :!: :!:
  2. Yertle

    Yertle Guest

    I beg to differ, my G4 kicks ass over my PC 2.8, I only use my Pc for the net and games.

    I use my mac for everthing else especialy my music the pc crashes all the time and window is the dogiest OS Ive ever used.... Crash, Crash, Crash
  3. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Hehe... ya, thats backwards to me. (Im home right now) My Computer is a VPR Matrix running a 80Gig HD, 512 MB Ram, Windows XP Home, Pentium 4. Vs my Aunts iMac with the smallest screen. Ill compair stuff... Stock vs Stock...

    Games: PC - Hearts, pinball, ect Mac - Chess
    Internet Explorer: PC - Up to 6.2 i believe is newest. Mac - 5.2
    IE Reliability: PC - Normal Securety Flaws Mac - Security Flaws, Crashes when a Java Applet or Flash game opens, can only use special tools
    Speed: PC - no waiting for anything out of ordinary Mac - Not bad, but the wait is more for me because of my PC
    Product Support: PC - You name it Mac - Its probly out there... but hard to find. Once you do find it, its more then likely 1/3d more. (Truth! I searced for Flash MX around best buy and what not: $120 w/o discount for PC, At the Mac store - $180)

    So... as you can see for me my PC will take anything you trhow at it. The mac, iv yet to put to its limits cause im scared i dont know what to do if i do overload it. But ill see how it does with DVD's and Music tonight... Ill tell you now, My PC is flawless at those too...
  4. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Guest

    Actually Im both I love my powerbook g4 12" and my powermac g4 and use them both on a daily basis for music production in my studio....

    As for my pc side, I have a dual athlon mp2600 with a gig of ram, geforce ti440 and an echo mia sound card(onboard dsp for music rendering)

    The reputation for macintosh's has been tarnished in the past because os9 sucked horribly but with the rewire of os x to run on a unix based platform stability and utilization of resources has improved enormously.

    My audio software(logic audio pro) even on my pc system which is not a slow machine the cpu utlization would creap up to 50-60% when bouncing music tracks on my g4 it stays pretty steady around 12-15% unless i just overkill it with plugins.
  5. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    I need me a Linux System... i just like the "black box" look of them, and how the run, and the Penguin! I had the "black Box" emulator, just lost it because it was causing more problems then solutions. If you think of it... you see why... Linux running off Windows. Thats total distruction right there!

    As for all the music stuff... im kinda lost at what ya'll are talking about. But i have something none of you have stock, but im sure could wire in. I can Connect TWO harddrives togeather, to nearly TRIPPLE the CPU speed. I can choose to run off one, the other, or both. VPR is the one company to have installed that.

    Lol... just so ya'll dont get mad at me. Im a ferm believer in whatever i believe. I like to debate points, just comes out more of argueing.

    As for my Overall view on Macs - Awsome. Clean, clear, and very infoetic! With the Dock (for those of you who like that but run windows check out its Java Based i believe) its very clean and keeps the desktop clean. The Image Resolution and color clarity is freaking AMAZING on them. Just the over all workings - One button mouse, and the limits - Halt me from liking it. If i had to choose PC over Mac i would look at it this way. If i had to Edit a lot of pictures or Videos ect, Mac all the way. But for ANYTHING else... PC takes the cake. TO be more spacific, Dell. Its Alienware W/O the needless Markup...
  6. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    are you high? OS X was a huge departure from previous Mac OS'es - especially os from 7, 8, or 9 - i dunno what this 1.5 is that you're talking about, but ya, not the same - similar, of course, you don't need to change the general way a computer works, just need to add functionality!

    and what's this thing with being "new and different" you don't need to change the fundamental way a computer works to improve it's functionality - and the fact that Microsoft rips off EVERY new idea that Apple innovates, makes your point kinda pointless

    then buy a freaking nice optical 2 button with a scrollwheel, geeez - it's not that hard, i use a nice kensington 4 button mouse, works great

    what the hell does that mean? did you not know you can have multiple windows running in IE for the mac at the same time? or better yet install Safari and have way faster web surfing AND tabbed browsing

    anyways, i never understand the Mac hate, i think it just jellously

    my dual g4 is freaking fast, super stable, i can run unix/linux commands right from the desktop, has seamless integration between apps, and hands down is the best platform for audio, video and graphic professionals.

    but if you're into games and want a wicked gaming rig to play counterstrike with your pre-pubesent gaming nerd friends - than hell ha, i'd buy a pc too - they oWnZ0r for games

    - Brian
  7. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Nope... not high. Trust me. I started on a mac, then went to dell, then back to mac, now im with windows for life. I think i know what im talking about. Ya, ok, i may not know the name of it, but my 3-5th grade computer lab had all macs. Only 3 NEW NEW iMacs. That was back in... 96-99ish. So that current OS, compaired to OS X, to me is NO diffrent. Only looks snazyer.

    Microsoft does not rip every idea, and then 90% of the time Microsoft gets it out first. So technicly, Mac Rips Windows. But what all are you talking about that Windows has riped from Mac? As you said, you dont have to change the fundamentls of a computer to improve functionality. So why change something already made, when nothing wrong with it in the first place?

    Not my computer, not my choice. I am just saying, all the Macs come with it more or less. Its pointless. And all computer labs and what not that use Macs dont change it. And most the time they dont let you use your own gear.

    As above. Not my computer, not my choice. I on my hom PC, use Mozilla. Curently its Firefox 1.09. Tabbed browseing, and open source. And i cant really get much faster without paying arse loads of money. Im running Adelphia Powerlink with one of the fastest computers off the shelf under $1.5K
    But heres what i mean. Senario: Its a iMac OSX with nothing open. I open IE and check my mail, it then opens a new window. Because its not my computer, shes loged in 24/7, and to not have to log in every time i wish to check my mail, i leave that one page open. Close the behind screen. Then open a new one (ya... kinda slow i are) and go to Open AIM Express. Start chatting with one person, my buddy list open, mail, and some other pop up i cant close cause it will kick me from AIM. I try and click the IE icon in the Dock... it juts shades, the gets brighter again and does nothing else. So now if i want to do anything, i have to close out all my chats and everything, then open a new window, do whatever, and open AIM again...
    Call it what you want... But what are we to be jellious of? Any thing Mac creates, we can create useing a Simple Java outlet, Flash, or HTML/XTML. The Dock for example...

    Purely Opinon. I would take a dell over anything for gameing... and a Mac for Graphic Utilitys.

    Is this some attempt to make fun of PC users and gamers around? I mean... i just dont get this thing here...

    And one last thing... I cant do commands. I know theres stuff like [%A]+Q for quit or whatnot... but Copy and paste.. i just dont know that yet.

    Ok, i lied. You cant mod it! I mean... WTF?!? Only true personal mods iv seen are some lights around it, and colored it. With PC's iv seen a fish tank in one, an Cold air intake with H2O Cooling tube system that keeps it at some freeking cold temp (like -27F i think) for overclockers ect. (can Macs Overclock?!?). I just say PC's are a lil more versitile, have more support, and can be et up for more things. Sure macs can... but its harder the a screw and pulling out one card to replace with a new one. (iv installed a new Vid card, Ether net, Mother board, and a few memory sticks in my time and it took under 10 min. Iv never seen anyone do anything like that with a mac).
  8. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    hahaha, you're funny - you start a thread that's obviously flame bait, then get offeneded when you get flamed, can't take the heat - stay out the kitchen :)

    anyways, what has windows ripped off from the mac? let's see:

    Apple was the 1st personal computer to use a mouse as an input device (Apple IIc)

    Apple was the 1st personal computer with a operating system that uses a graphical user interface (GUI) that used windows (!!!) and a file folder system, also the 1st with a trash can (recycle bin) (the Lisa OS, then the Mac OS)

    Windows XP - turned all cute and bubbly after Apple released their new Aqua theme in the OS X preview -

    Microsoft has literally paid Apple hundreds of millions of $$$ to settle patent and technology infringement lawsuits - where they admitted to stealing Apple technology and using it in microsoft products, but i'm too lazy too look them all up ot list them here...

    other apple innovations:

    Apple basicly invented TCP/IP (the foundation of the internet, and local area networking)

    Apple had the 1st EVER consumer Digital Camera (the QuickTake 100)

    Apple had the 1st EVER consumer Laser Printer (The LaserWriter)

    Apple had the 1st EVER consumer PDA (the Newton Message Pad)

    Apple had the 1st computer to ever have a TV Tuner (Mac TV)

    Apple's Quicktime was the 1st ever multi-platform video/audio/multimedia app/codec

    do i even need to mention the iPod?

    how's that for INNOVATIONS??

    what's microsoft done latley?

    - Brian

    i'm bored of this allready, it's pointless - some people liek Mac's some like PC's - who cares - and remember you're the one that started this thread in the first place ;)
  9. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    oh ya

    Mac's are truly Plug-And-Play

    pull an ethernet card out, plug a different one in - turn on computer, and it works!

    no drivers, bios settings, DMA's, NOTHING!

    same goes with 99% video cards, processor upgrades, hard drives, video capture cards, memory etc...

    try that with PC.... "Windows can not find the drivers for this device...please insert the windows cd and click to continue"


    - ok really i'm done now :p
  10. Lil_angel

    Lil_angel Guest

    Okay; I'm a computer geek, nerd, computer security and underground technology enthusiast. Due to this I feel that any System and or it's OS are fine as long as it does what you need it to do.

    I even have a computer lab :D

    I respect each aspect of what my computers can do and have learned to live with what they can't do, with that said here's the rundown of what systems I have and the OS that's on each one.

    *If you what to know how I would compare one system to the next or even one OS to the next please feel free to post, PM, or e-mail me and I'll gladly tell you what I think.

    MY Desktops:

    Sun Blade 1500 :: Unix OS
    Sun Blade 2000 :: SPARC and Solaris 9 OE
    Alienware Hyperspeed :: Windows XP Pro OS
    E Machines :: Windows XP Home and SuSE (Linux) OS
    G5 :: Mac OS

    My Laptops:

    EnPower :: Windows 2000 and Mandrake (Linux) OS
    Alienware Area-51m :: Windows XP Pro OS
  11. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Ok, who cant take the heat? Im fine. If i sound a lil sobby its because of whats happening and what i have to do. Lemme just put it this way. Im basicly "evicted" from my house, and cant come back ecept once to get my stuff when i move. And thats only the start...

    As i said before. If it works, why change it?

    Who cares about the PDA? What... Apples not allowd to have compotition? Take the TC3 and Pro 4. Did HPI Copy AE just because the both run on shaf drive?

    Digital cameras. Same as with PDA's. Just becaues your not first, doesnt mean your copying.

    iPod - What about it? Windows doesnt have one does it? I know Sony, and some other big name companys have MP3 players... did they all copy too?!?

    And its not pointless. I just want to know whats so good about Mac, why people crave them.
  12. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    all i'm saying with those examples is that Apple innovates, and other people follow their lead...

    that's what's so great about Apple computers, that's why people are so fanatical about them - it's the fresh new ideas that are allways coming from apple - not just some immitation, or a re-hashing of old ideas.

    they may not allways be the fastest, or the most modifiable, but they are allways 1st with groundbreaking new ideas.

    and yes HPI totally copied AE, just like palm copied the Newton, or HP copied the laserwriter - that's the definition of "copying" getting an idea from someone else, and doing the same thing! people (and companies) do it all the time - i was just saying that apple comes up with killer ideas that no one else does - and then whole markets are created around those ideas!

    They make the iPod for the PC too! and apple has software like iTunes that runs on windows...

    but ya, i'm a total apple zellot - that's why i work for them :) sorry if i get kinda wound up about it, no worries :)

    - Brian
  13. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Its mostly that Apple tends to get it out first. Cause take the accual Figures of the compays of Apple and Windows. Windows has MUCH better stock, and more support. Why? They got their name out bigger, and faster then apple. Therefore, if you say copying is what it is... Apple copyed Windows with the "Computer."

    And with the iPod. Apple has the iPod, windows has the... nothing. Microsoft (or Micro & Soft...) neither or companys has a accual MP3 player that says on it "Microsoft" or "Windows". Most of them just run off that OS.

    But i just dont see how your getting that everyone copys apple. I mean, what else are you supposed to do? Its compitition! I mean, im going to use the AE HPI debate just because its simple, and i know more of that then Comptuers. Ok, So you have HPI who has 3 Shaft Drivin pro cars. They need to do something diffrent. Its working on the Club level, but isnt putting hara on the map pro wise. So what else can you do? Your geomety of the car and drive train apparently isnt good enough, so time to just start from scratch. Then you have the TC3. Shaft drive, and PLENTY of wins under its belt pro, and club wise. So take it as your HPI... what do you do? Youve got these cars to look at, most of them doing good, and you like your set up of the rest of the car... just its not good.


    So what do you do for drive train? You just cant get the belt to work... and dont want to just jack Xray or Tamiya's shaft drive. But you dont want to just be a follower and take AE's shaft idea because thats "Copying". What do you do? Dual motor Stright shaft design? I mean... its nearly impossible to be "inventive" here. Im not saying HPI didnt take AE for a fool. I totally know they took the Diff system and toe links and what not. But kinda made them in a "HPI" Way. They changed it up a little bit, and did what AE should do and Updated.

    I just wana see what you would do to not "copy" someone. Cause Your Belt drive isnt working, and dont want to do shaft because thats copying AE .

    And about working for Apple, i know what you mean. You tend to grow on what you work for. Why else would people like Losi? Badum cha! But seriously. I hate gateway. More then i ever will Apple. Gateway just plain SUCKS. And my teacher worked for them... so he knew the ins and outs and how to make a gateway worth it. Grant it he says the company is as retarted as it gets and just flat sucks, the computers are OK if you know what your doing. Just like me with Airsoft. If there was a Thread "Airsoft vs Paintball" id be all over Airsoft, cause i work with it. Iv grown up with them sence when Kmart and Target had them, those were accually "good". Where as paintball... is just something i watch, and wouldnt mind playing. But i sware up and down for Airsoft.
  14. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    Microsoft doesn't even make computers - so apple couldn't have NEVER copied that from them... now you're not even making sense.

    - Brian
  15. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Good point. I didnt think about that... hrm... o well.
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