any K-line experiences?

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by genophillipe, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. genophillipe

    genophillipe New Member

    About to buy a new Loco for my O 3 rail layout. I'll probably go with a lionel product, but I'm very curious about K-line. Is the quality the same? The prices sure aren't. Any info appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    I have very little experience with K-Line but have generally been impressed with the quality of the product. It's a good value for the money compared with the other manufacturers out there today. I'm a bit disappointed that they've tried to shift focus towards the high end of the market because they could totally own the low end, and I think if they were to focus on that they could expand the market, rather than fighting with Lionel and MTH for their piece of the ever-shrinking high-end pie.
  3. Mwether

    Mwether New Member

    Hey there. As Dave knows, I bought this K-Line set recently ($205 delivered). Dave and other members of this board were very helpful in my decision making process. My experience has been mixed. On the one hand, I am VERY pleased with the quality and value of the product (in this case the breathless ad copy seems accurate). On the other, customer service prior to the sale was terrible.

    I called the company to ask questions about the set before I purchased it. In total I had three conversations. Two of the three people I spoke to were generally clueless and the third was actually obstructionist. To get answers to my questions, she would put her hand over the phone and ask someone in the room with her. When I asked to speak directly to the "authority" she refused. I thought this was remarkably unprofessional.

    While this experience soured me on the company, I still bought the set based on the value I felt it represented.

    Hope this doesn't muddy the waters too much! Your phone experience could be different...


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