any idea what this boiler is?

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  1. trainrobber

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    any idea what this boiler could be from? (new pic)

    [​IMG] Hello all, If anyone might be able to give me some insight on what type of locomotive this boiler might have originally been used with it would be a big help. I purchased it with the idea of swapping out the boiler for a straight one, shortening up the tender and dropping a trailing truck under it for a Vulcan Iron works 0-4-4T but I'm finding the old boiler hard to part with.

    This one has the tapered boiler but still not as pronounced as the models. And other than knowing it's a Bogie, I'm still not sure of the manufacturer or it's date. :mad:


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  2. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    sorry guys, I can't seem to upload the image onto the post :confused: :confused:
  3. railohio

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    Your photo needs to be online for the [​IMG]
  4. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    thanks for you help Brian.

    Sean Patrick
  5. TrainClown

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    I think it's a sweet little engine and I wouldn't change the boiler. I would shorten the tender though as you said. That's going to make a real great engine. :thumb:

    Here is one I bashed up. New cab from a doner, new bell, I made the lamp and the stack. Still in the works so don't look to close. :eek: ;)

    TrainClown :wave:

  6. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    A Mason Bogey type 2-4-6, I believe. Is there any provision for a pilot truck? There would probably be a 6 wheel buckeye type truck under that tender which would explain the length. Then again, a 4 wheeler looks about right. Here's a pic of a 2-6-6... Would be a shame to mess with that boiler :cry: ;)

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  7. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    that engine looks great, what is the builders name on the smokebox front, it looks real fancy. great detail. The Mason Bogie was my original thought because of the attached tender, but I couldn't find any 0-4-4's with this type of boiler. Matter of fact I couldn't get a picture of any Bogie's, Forney's or Porter's with this kind of boiler. It does have a lot of character though, which is leaning me toward keeping it on the little lokey. I'm leaning toward a very early locomotive, just haven't got it licked yet. thanks for lokking, if I find anything close I'll post a pic (finally got the pic figured out).
  8. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    If it's an early brass import or an early kit, the boiler is, more than likely, a concession to the motor and gearing technologies of the day. One of the reasons Mantua yard goats and camelbacks were popular was that the scaled down Wooten firebox design used in real life made it easy to pack a lot of motor in a small space without forsaking scale appearance. You jes gots to make it right, don't go cuttin' it up :thumb:
  9. Freelancer

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    It looks kind of like the motive power that was featured in the HOn2 1/2 layout in the August 04 Model Railroader.

  10. trainrobber

    trainrobber New Member

    I'm with you as far as "jes makin it right". The way they were modified back then it doesn't matter much anyway, as long as the builder finds it to be appeasing :thumb: . I'll have to check out that issue of Model Railroader.

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