Any help with scanning advice?

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  1. malachite

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    I am having trouble with scanned images that do not appear to have scanned in proportion, ie the width appears to be at a slightly different ratio to the length when compared to the original.
    I seem to recall a similar thread but cannot find it.
    I have some rare ABC models of Formula One cars and am reluctant to build them without a backup. My recent efforts are currently leaving me with no option but to put them away for posterity and never build them.
  2. David H

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    Have you switched your scanning utility to manual settings? Or tried using a third party scanning utility?

    My scanning improved greatly when I switched to using Photoshop.

    Now if I could only work out printing!

  3. Stev0

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    When you have scanned the item. Save it as a TGA uncompressed or High Resolution Jpeg (8-10 setting) and make sure you save it with CMYK color settings.

    Using your digital masters. Go back into photoshop and use slight guassian blue and despeckle filters to remove moire from the image as much as possible. Using the record function or writing down your settings you can apply the same filters to the run of scans you have created.
  4. phlipmbirner

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    Most scanning software including (I'm hoping) the software that comes with your scanner allows you to manually adjust the scanner for the slight misproportion you are speaking. My scanner's width is just slightly off from the real size of the object being scanned. The length of my scanner seems to be right on. In other words while the length is a true 1:1 ratio, the width my scanner produces is something like .9921:1. Its not much but as you have discovered when you are off a half a mm. on a larger part and you build a number of parts that way, the cumulative effect can be disastrous.

    In the software you simply resize the object scanned. For my scans I have to uncheck the "constrain proportions" box which unlocks (or in adobe photoshop "unchains") the width to the length proportions continuing to be the same. I leave the length the same 1:1 and the width I enter in my .9921 resize. The result is a nearly perfectly sized scan of the original. To figure out how far off your scanner is from the real object takes a bit of experimenting. I think I scanned a ruler both in width and length and figured out how far off things were from end to end and side to side. Then I just kept adjusting the resize proportion until I was satisfied it was coming out the correct size.

    Getting the colors correct to the original is something I've still not gotten down. I can usually get one color right on but then if there are other colors involved they will be slightly off. Getting one of them correct messes up then the one I finally got correct etc. etc.

    Off topic: We've got lots of malachite in the markets here in Zambia. Its a by-product of our copper industry. You see lots of carved figures, boxes etc. out of malachite.


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