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  1. It has a healthy element of fantasy. Arguably most of what is passed off as "Sci-Fi" is actually "Space Fantasy". Wild speculation and conjecture is the basis for creative thought, but I have met a few who have invested their entire being to another person's visions of fantasy. Deep end Trekkers and Otaku are psychologially imbalanced people that snipe at you vicously if you even hint the faintest aspect of their life absorbing obsession is unreal.

    I consider Transformers fantasy, with no scientific backing for the most of the concepts the story is based on.

    What I was pointing out was the un-originality and overuse of n-Dimensional packing, by the 1950s it had become "old hat" to fiction writers. A technology that reasonable scientists have yet to believe is possible given the known realm of physics and current borderline theories.
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    Ah okay cool, as I don't fit the sci-fi mentally disturbed either... 8)
    and by the way gave the intra-demensional thought a little bit of gray matter after the last one ... and we already use the technology already ....
    ever hear of a scuba tank :D it is about 2 sq.ft of space inside one but holds 98 cu.ft. of air .... yes it is highly compressed so is really shoved into a small space but .............. yea your right lame wasn't it :lol:
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    It's all fantsy stuff but cool

    Well it's all fantasy stuff, but cool to look at and
    think about none the less.
    I am just enamoured with all things mechanical,
    whether actual or fictional. The concepts of the "Mech"
    and the various space craft designs are at best
    only vaugly remotely based on physics.

    But that's what our imagination is for. 8)

    I am not the sci-fi mentality either, probably
    why I noticed the leg/foot issue.
    My older brother? Oh just give him the "Spock Ears" :D

    But I do love the machines. :wink:

    ARMORMAN Guest

    for those of you who wanted it, I sent out the 44" eagle diagrams. I also included a folder with a buch of detail shots of the 44" models from a Space 1999 con that someone had posted and some resin cast pieces for detailing from the 44" kit that was made from one of the 44" models.

    I wish you well in you paper model ventures!

  5. ButchPrice

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    Many thanks

    Many thanks Bill! These will help me quite a bit :D
    (There is never enough reference material )
    Hopefully I can get to working out my basic
    prototype soon. The Eagle has a lot of detail
    when you start to look close. I just want to do it justice.
    Maybe I won't screw it up too bad :wink:
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    Square, I like your example, but I don't think squishy humans would fare well INSIDE a scuba tank... Still, love the way you're thinking

    How about time and relative dimensions in space... hoo boy

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