Any guesses?

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  1. ButchPrice

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    What do you think? :?:
  2. Huey

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    Eagle from Space 1999 without a doubt
  3. Huey

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    So sorry to spoil everything, but it was a dead give-away :wink:
  4. ButchPrice

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    busted ; )

    Well that musta' been too easy.
    Ok :D here's the rest so far.
    Unfolding the cockpid portion should
    be..."interesting", but we are going to try
    a couple things.
  5. One thing I could never figure out about the Eagle. Just where did they manage to carry all the fuel that hog would of burned
  6. bionic leg, fuselage, intake scoop, trash?

    *Reaches over and rips part from CAD model in design*

    If you really wanted them to struggle you throw up a piece like this.
  7. rickstef

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    Thigh unit of either the Noble Gundam, or an EVA suit

  8. -_- That's rather good, it IS a thigh unit... but it's "unpiloted" ^_^

    Neo-Sweden's MS is more angular.
    EVA is thinner.
  9. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member

    Hmm more ideas

    Hmmm, some more ideas for component re-use :wink:
    Mechs. I've never made one, but maybe I could...
    You're right Masamune, I should have dumped
    a mesh of the cockpit :lol:

    Yeah Mark I wondered about the fuel too.
    As well as cabling, operational plumbing,
    and just how in the heck does it get to
    the back of the top lattice?

    Lattice should be a challenge. I haven't tackled that
    one yet. Going to be testing some laminations to get the
    structural strength to keep it from disintegrating
    under it's own load.

    Anyone have a link to some good graphics of this
    thing? I am working from a couple lousy graphics,
    and my horrible memory. CRS has set in :wink:
  10. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member


    After reviewing several graphics, screen shots
    and a kick ars set of blueprints( the web is
    a vast and far reaching source of doccumentation :wink: )
    I have concluded that they actually screwed up
    EVERY flight shot of the Eagle, except takeoff and landing.

    If one looks close at the underside of the pod/outrigger
    where the legs extend down from, you will notice the
    recess intended for the "feet" to fit flush upon RETRACTING.
    The in flights should have shown the legs in a retracted position,
    with only the underside of the feet visible from the exterior.

    Maybe I've been looking at these too long... :D
  11. Probably some amusing footnote in there. Maybe failure during tests (broke the model) so they just glued the landing legs in place, or heated arguments during build over how to make them retract.

    Several games use component-mecha, such as "Axis Arena". I examined the idea of preparing a dictum "though shalt design parts to fit these connectors" and offering an initial model, but prediction of low participation and annoyances of administration over "Project: Combat Robot System" were a deterrent.
    The thigh displayed is intended for two models if I can ever get them finished.
  12. wunwinglow

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  13. 57townsman

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    The plastic kits had many problems with accuracy and detail. If I recall, the Airfix kit was the best of the bunch. The Imai kit is a rebox of the Airfix and the AMT just isn't that good. However, there is a very nice die cast available now from Product Enterprise Limited in the UK.

    It is close to the same size as the plastic kits but looks to be much more accurate. I haven't seen it available here in the colonies yet :cry:


    ARMORMAN Guest

  15. Square

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    Sticky Fingers
    They used intra-dimensional storage tanks..... for evey cubic inch of space that it appeared to be on the outside it would hold a cubic foot on the inside :) .... now thats some idea
    wonder if that would make for a nice house? looks like its only 1000 sq.ft. on the outside but is 10000 sq.ft on the inside?
  16. That idea has been actively used in entertainment media since (at least) some indeterminate time in the 30's pulp magazines.
    I would have to double-check each film for mention of this technology but; the saucers from "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and "Forbidden Planet", the "Heart Of Gold" from HHGTTG, even The TRANSFORMERS use the feature to "shunt mass into hyperspace" while transforming.
    It has not been proven possible yet, so it's just a sad excuse to circumvent decent engineering consideration. Certainly a neat idea but obviously has not come to pass as so many Sci-Fi stories foretold.

    The current fad is to call it "Feng shui". :lol:

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I forgot, I'll send you the blueprints if you're interested.

    BTW, they supposed to be powered by a small fusion reactor,
    and you're right; the set could not fit inside the model if it was real (how could they see through the windows, when the set showed them sitting in a pit?)- kind of like the APC from Aliens....

  18. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member


    I would appreciate the prints Armorman! Thank you! :D
    Good refference material has been hard to find.
    Screenshots of that era were very fuzzy. :roll:
    I did find a profile and head on print on the
    Space 1999 web site, (one of them anyway lol)

    I am mulling different approaches to the framework.
    Still trying to get a good handle on Wings3d UV assignment,
    so I can repaint model textures in Pepakura.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    OK, I'm getting a lot of requests for the 44" Eagle blueprints, so here's what I'm gonna do:

    If you email me with your email address at by Friday the 16th, I will do a general email to all interested parties at that time.

    BTW, the blueprints were scanned from an old issue of SciFi and Fantasy Modeller Magazine (a British Publication).
  20. Square

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    So on that basis of thought Masamune, decent engineering considered, Space 1999 is a big farce and should not be considered for a model as it has never happened. I mean we have no moon base alpha, and its 2004. oh and we need to get rid of all star trek to .... and lets not forget all those transformers you build I mean sheeesh, talk about bad engineering, weight to power ratios alone are staggering. :shock: .... sci-fi is about stretching the imagination and what could be a reality one day.

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