Any good pics of your HO or N scale Layouts?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by gregbva123, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. shaygetz

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    Golly...they still make film? :D :D :D
  2. dhutch

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    i dunno, but i doubt it, it not really much good!!
  3. trainwhiz20

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    Film? That's from like a bijillion years ago... :rolleyes:

    Anyway, here's a Dash 8 on my HO layout...


    Oops! Hehehe. Check back in a week or two. There will be a dandy 4'x7' piece of plywood on sawhorses. ;)

    Shaygetz--and anyone else who wonders why I keep changing my story--my mother finally gave in and let me have the corner upstairs next to the entertainment center this morning. A nice 4'x7' foot layout will fit just fine, with plenty of room to move. As long as I keep it neat, which shouldn't be too hard, considering it's a small layout.... Although, after seeing some photos here... :p Just kidding!

    Shay, nice ATSF geeps. My favorite scheme too! (Right behind those "Pepsi Cans"...)

    Okay... well, I'm off to get some plywood! Check my thread for updates!

  4. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    You this :eek: :p :rolleyes: Yes, it has since been cleaned up :thumb:

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  5. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    ouch, that hurts! I don't have the money for a digital and my friend who has one only comes out to this neck of the woods once every 3-4 months with his.
  6. E Mo Ry

    E Mo Ry New Member

    A busy day icing down the reefers in St. Louis....

    on my Eastern Missouri Railway.

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  7. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    I can't brag, mine came with my new 'puter. Weren't for that, I'd still be waiting in line at the Foto-Mat ;)
  8. nolatron

    nolatron Member

    It's still under construction, but I love this pic i took the other weekend of my Kato SD90/43 MAC and Genesis:


    Hoping to have the plaster cloth laid over the raised portion by mid next week, get some trackbed and *finally* get the mainline connected and looped.
  9. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    Main St. in Stockton.

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  10. trains1972

    trains1972 Member

    Here is a couple of the layout that I am working on
  11. wjstix

    wjstix Member

    This is from the old layout, but same idea / area as the new one.

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  12. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    just a couple of views along my VS&P:


  13. Lehigh Valley

    Lehigh Valley New Member

    I just joined the group and thought I would add a picture of my layout. I took this photo last month. This is the first scenery I built on the layout. I spend most of the rest of my time building benchwork and designing the track plan. This photo was taken on one of the branchlines and runs on a narrow shelf, about 8" wide.

  14. jkristia

    jkristia Member

    Mark, I just looked at the pictures on your home page, looks like a great layout. Do you have any trackplan?

  15. Lehigh Valley

    Lehigh Valley New Member


    I have a basic track plan, I use as an outline for building the layout. I drew to scale my basement when I was designing the benchwork and placing the basement walls. I fit pieces of the LV mainline on the drawing to place scenes, towns and yards. The benchwork plan and basic mainline plan is on paper that is about 11"x17". I have not found a good way to scan it. I get asked alot about the trackplan and need to find a way to show it to people.

    I sped most of my time on the layout and no time figuring out how to make a webpage. I just upload photos from time to time, when I make progress. i don't have a CAD program. I design and build the layout mostly from actually RR blueprints, track charts, photos and notes from personal observations.

    Here is a short description of the layout. It is in the basement that was designed for the layout. The layout room is 33'x44'. There is a separate area for dispatching (future CTC). The layout is double decked. I just started on the upper deck. Most of the lower trackwork is in. There are 4 branchlines off the mainline. There are 25 staging tracks on the lower level (LV, CNJ, EL, PC, RDG) and 9 on the upper (LV, D&H). The layout represents the LV/CNJ mainline (plus interchages) from Oak Island, NJ to Coxton, PA.

    That is the long answer. I should have just said, no I don't have a track plan.

    I really like your handlaid track on your webshots page. If I didn't have so much track, I might try that myself sometime.
  16. Hoghead

    Hoghead Member


    Are you modeling the just the Receiving Yard at Oak Island or are you going all out to include the hump, 91 Bay and the departure and transfer yds?
  17. Lehigh Valley

    Lehigh Valley New Member

    Oak island is just staging for the east end of the layout. The mainline starts at Phillipsburg, NJ and the Deleware river
    bridges. In this photo you can see the 7 staging tracks at the bottom, counting from hte left. The far right 2 tracks are for local industries at Phiilipsburg.

    My main yard is Allentown, PA, the ex-CNJ yard. My version works more like the Conrail rebuild, than the double hump yard on CNJ/LV days. The main reason for that was I couldn't fit in a double hump yard, plus A/D tracks and services and make the humps work. The yard is big (it holds about 300 50' cars). I used Conrail track charts to design it. The interlocking at "R" tower at the west end of the yard is faily accurate, including the RDG(Allentown Terminal) lines from Harrisburg and the L&S(ex CNJ) coming into the yard.
  18. Hoghead

    Hoghead Member

    Just curious because I deal with OI on a pretty regular basis and I doubt the yard is the same as it was in the LV days. They eventually took NK Tower out of service a few years back and immediately ripped it down.
  19. E Mo Ry

    E Mo Ry New Member

    You just never know what's going on behind Popa Wheelies....

    But i have a good idea now why those kids are always scrambling to get up on the roof of the Sunset Ford dealer next door!

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  20. atsf_arizona

    atsf_arizona Member

    Hi, all,

    Here's some pictures on my N scale layout, ATSF_Arizona's Santa Fe Peavine Line

    As of January 2, 2005, here's a synopsis of the little 4' x 4'x N scale Santa Fe Peavine Line.

    You can see more at:

    To get a perspective, here's what the layout looks like from the living room:


    The Glendale Junction module is an attempt to use diagonal arrangement of
    lines-of-sight to optically distract from the small size of the module.

    Here's an angle shot:


    As I tinkered with the track plan, I dreamed up the idea of two fairly good size
    buildings to act as:

    - View blocks to track entering/exiting the Glendale Junction module
    - Give some 'heft' to the scene, i.e. have the buildings appropriately overwhelm
    the trains a little - i.e. a little bit of visual illusion trickery

    A view that shows the the Glendale Junction module overhead:


    Another view of Printing Company:


    How the Ice House relates to the layout:


    And a view of the 'Prieta Canyon' module, the other half of the layout:


    Model photography can really fool the eye, the following shot, one of my favorites,
    is taken from the stream bed in the previous photo, looking up at the Kato locomotive:


    And here's another view that fools the eye in terms of the small size of the layout,
    this one taken on the Glendale Junction module looking right at the overpass area:


    The layout is approaching some semblance of the original concept that was
    developed in August of 2002.

    Next up, after finishing integrating the two buildings into the scenery,
    will be to build a couple removable cosmetic 'scenery caps' to
    hide the unsightly dividing line which looks like a San Andreas
    Fault between the two modules.

    Take care, all!

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