Antonov 2

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  1. bunuel66

    bunuel66 New Member

    GPM model & some cusotm parts.
    BTW, my first 1/32 model.


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  2. Ponytail

    Ponytail Member

    Gettin' them in....

    Very good result, Bunuel.

    Nice display also.
    But (it could be caused by the photographics distortions) it looks like it will be a problem to get de barrels an crates inside the plane...sign1

  3. bunuel66

    bunuel66 New Member

    Letting them out...

    The barrels are not supposed to go in board, they are just for fuelling the plane....
    The crates will go in when the cargo door of the An 2 will be open. Actually on
    the real aircraft there is a system of dual door: a regular one inside a bigger one.
    It is not possible to model it open with the GPM kit as there is an internal frame
    which preclude to do so.

  4. GarageSymfony

    GarageSymfony New Member

    Nice Model!

    Very nice build. Thanks for posting those pictures.

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