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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Harry Barr, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. Harry Barr

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    I guess I might as well jump in right away! I have been a visitor to a number of Card Models websites, and note a preponderance of Scale models. I am wondering if anyone has tackled the modelling of models that started a lot of us in building rubber powered, gasoline powered, and gliders, back in the early 30's and on.

    I feel that this might be as challenging a facet of this hobby as P51's, F86's, Spitfires, etc. There is no lack of projects available to us. Such famous aircrfat as Korda's Wakefield winner, the Thermic series of gliders, Carl Goldberg's Sailplane, and Jim Walker's first control line. Just a very small sample, and perhaps an area that has been largely ignored (my guess). I have flown these types of models since the 1930's, and continue to fly them still, so they have a special place in my heart.

    Has any one any ideas regarding this thought? Also, I have never modelled card models before, so will need help from you all I suppose. Thanks to you all.

  2. wunwinglow

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    There are a couple of free download models of model aircraft, I will look out the links, but your idea is a good one. Hey, we'll make models of ANYTHING!!

    Tim P
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    Hi Harry

    Welcome and have fun

    I,ve not build a plane with a fuel powered motor in, but I build gliders and rubber band powered planes all the time for my kids and their mates. Nothing fancy but they fly.

    I would think if it can be build out of balsa then it can be done with card. The only thing I can think of as a draw back would be the weight to power ratio??

    Worth a go though

    If help is needed ask away as you will find a lot of very helpful card nuts here.


  4. Gil

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    Hi Harry,

    Welcome aboard! One area that hasn't been covered well at this site and others is the use of thin stryrofoam sheet to make flying models. With certain printers and surface preparation they can be printed, cut and assembled fairly easily. Not only would you then have a model en reduction but one still capable of flight. This method is popular in the UK and Europe but seems to be slow on the uptake here in NA.

    Best regards, Gil
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    Here's a site with lots of old model magazine plans, and best of all, they're free!
    Should be a good place to start.

    Man who knows the value of contest-grade C-grain
  8. Harry Barr

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    Antique & Old Timer Model Aircraft.

    :lol: I am overwhelmed here people! Do we fly these card models? I figured they were static displays. In my fuzzy little brain I felt that it would be nice to see a Lanzo Bomber for example, with a WS of perhaps 15". Should look kinda neat on my computer table! :oops:

    Anyway all your responses were read thoroughly, and I learned some things such as plastic models along the same line, and no, I didn't lose my wallet! She's aware of my propensity to buy anything that has wings.

    Thanks for a nice welcome, I'm here to stay!

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    All of Trotsky's models ( are designed to be flown as chuck gliders. He has somewhat strange policies on download availability but I guess if you asked in this forum for a specific model you'll probably find someone who has downloaded it.


  11. bigtom

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    The trotskiys fly great!!! I add a wing spar for strength and lift... Has a section on flying
  12. Ken Horne

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    Hey everyone,

    My first post to this list.

    I have a web site that may interest those on this thread.

    Plenty of plans and articles from the old time magazines. Not surprisingly, as a card and a stick&tissue modeler I've thought of trying to make a paper Korda or the likes, just for fun. I've also planned on carving one out of solid wood... another odd hobby of mine.

    Flying Aces also featured a couple of plans for card models in the '30's but I've not got around to posting one of these. Soon...

    Take care all,

  13. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Hi All,

    You can print directly on balsa wood if you have the right printer and use 1/32" thick balsa with the grain arranged correctly. No, I there are no warrantees that your printer will still work afterwords but mine is still pumping paper. You could call this a pre-process card model of sorts. Also filling the surface goes a long way in getting a good print quality. I used acrylic filler sanded in between coats with 320 grit. Output was then sealed with matte acrylic spray.

    Best regards from the Multi-Media Universe, Gil

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