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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by anthony344, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. F131

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    Zathros, I would be more concerned with the game holding his attention. As fantastic as ME is, it takes a couple of hours before it really gets moving.
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    I appreciate this advice, and F131, you may just have sold me on it. My son reads at a Sophmore High School Level, and does Math at that level. He has been identified by the Education system, which is in the top 700 in the country, as being "Specially Gifted", and they will have him in accelerated classes from 6th grade till he graduates high school. He was doing 4 place decimal division 2 years ago, and could trig out a triangle a year ago. Unfortunately, the schools are too far behind so I will have to brush him up on it some more. If it isn't deep, he doesn't want to know about it. I just got him a Daisy Powerline All Black BB Rifle (gun?) and he loves it. I have been going through the "rules and regs" with it and he really caught on quick. He is consistent in his shooting, and this has pulled him away from the computer. Nothing like a gas powered minibike, and a BB gun to do that!! Any more games will come in the dead of Winter, when it's too cold to do anything else, of course, I may be getting him a cutting board and start him in on some "real" paper modeling. I plan to have him well versed in Rhino3D within a year, as long as it doesn't cut into our Violin time too much.
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    That kool Zathros :twisted: , I remember when i was Ten years old my dad got me into R/C gas planes , he teach me every basic Knowledge about R/C planes. Now i'm 22 i joined a club to fly my R/C planes & i am crazzzy over it:mrgreen: but yeah like me i am not into games as very much they kind of bore me out ,so i like to get out into the real world & do stuff that i enjoy then get stuck on my computer or console all the time.
  4. Zathros

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    You Aussies sure have the space though!! Fall is coming fast here, so it's minibikes, some motorcycle rides (1983 GSX 750SE, purchased new by me, yup, that old), then hunkering down for the cold!
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    Nice Zathros , i got into the smaller bike like , honda CB200 , KAWASAKI KZ200 , KZ250 , Suzuki T250. Me & my dad purchase a honda CB200 & rebuilt her from scratch like new but we did not had a chance to test ride each of our self , We had to sell it because there was no garage to put it , when we moved into a block of units. So we got into motorised Push bike to get around from A to B , No rego & No licences required for these.

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