another Southern Pacific SD40R

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by trainworm, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. trainworm

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    i think i just finished another SP SD40R, at least till i find something else wrong with it[:D]

    this is the one that started out as a Santa Fe SD40. i added the sunrise enterprises lights to the front and rear, added the beacon to the roof, and added the plow. this is the first time i used metal grabs instead of the plastic Kato ones, and i am never going back to the plastic "super fly" Kato grabs. they never want to go in the holes, and they love to fly off to places unknown. i painted this one with Floquil (SP Gray) and Polly Scale (SP Scarlett) and decaled it with Microscale decals. i kinda like this lettering scheme. i have only found proof of 3 locomotives done in it though. this SD40R, a GP35, and a GP38-2. i am sure there are others, i just havent seen pictures of them yet.

    so.....tell me what you think! i know the battery box doors are wrong, and i need to do a better job filling in the rear number board holes, but other than that, it isnt too bad.





    one of these days i am going to get me some lights to take better pictures with. you can hardly even see the weathering in these shots...
  2. spitfire

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    Looks great Trainworm! Ya done good!!!

    BTW, there seems to be some kind of train wreck on that bridge in the background!

    :thumb: Val
  3. TomPM

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    Looks great Alex!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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