Another Sketchup model, but this one is finished.....sorta

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Dented Rick, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Dented Rick

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    So my 15th anniversary is coming up, and to celebrate 15 years with the Greatest Wife, and most beautiful woman in the world, I thought i would design and build a special craft for her. (She's loves the things I make for her better than the things i buy for her) So I found a Dragonfly sketch online, and Changed the design to be a little Tribal, then did a 3d rendition of a "Carved" picture. Unfortunatly she is Deployed, and won't be home till May (Anniversary is in Oct) But we can still celebrate, right? :)

    Before I go to making this into a Papercraft she can hang on the wall, I would Love opinions. Whatcha guys think?

    Dragonfly Plaque 1.jpg Dragonfly Plaque 2.jpg

    Dragonfly Plaque 3.jpg Dragonfly Plaque 4.jpg
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    Happy Anniversary!! A marriage with someone you love who loves you = fulfilled life. I have been with my wife for 24 years. Who else can you argue with. go toe to toe, then do what you do when you are married! Of course, you don't have to married to do that, but anyone knows, who knows, that it's just not the same thing. You know who you are with ( on many levels) and to me anyways, life is just plain better. The few single friends I have left are miserably lonely, waking up to the bare furniture of the reality of their lonely lives. I am not of course referring to young people starting out, finding themselves, etc, that's a whole different stage of one's life. It's the guys I know who become selfish, wanting things. A women is not a thing, and to have one, the surrender is mutual, and a third person is is formed. You never lose yourself, but you become lost in her, it's the same for her So Happy Anniversary, from someone else who knows exactly where your coming from!!:thumb:

    (the word "marriage" can easily be substituted for those who's commitment to each other is lifelong to whatever they wish to call it, obviously) :)
  4. zwave343

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    hey rick, congrats. looks great. bout how big ya gonna make it
  5. Dented Rick

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    i was thinking 16"X 20"
  6. zwave343

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    Ok. Thought you might have trouble making it like 10" by 15" with all those intriaute details
  7. Dented Rick

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    I could try that small, and might be able to pull it off. who knows
  8. sjsquirrel

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    I love it Rick. I think it will make a great decoration and that your wife will love it. Unlike you I don't have one of those greatest and most beautifuls, just two ex's. My most recent x was quite enamored of dragonflies though and would have loved something like this.

    If only I had your talent for design...


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