Another Rivarossi basket-case

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Ray Marinaccio, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    Last week a Friend of mine said he had an old broken steam engine I could have for parts.
    When I saw what it was I asked if he was sure he didn't want something for it.
    It was a Rivarossi Pacific. The drivers were out of quarter, side rods were jammed and the motor mount was broke.
    It just so happens I was given another one of these at the last train show I went to that needed a boiler and tender. I swapped the chassis and here she is.

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  2. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    :thumb: You Lucky Pup! Looks nice as is Ray. :wave: Jim
  3. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    :thumb: :thumb: Love them Rivarossis, the "Poor Man's Brass"...lemmee know when the skybluepinkbird of modeling happiness plunks a pair of Rivarossi Hudson tender trucks at your door... :D
  4. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    I'll keep an eye out for some.
    If I'm not mistaken, The tender on this heavy pacific looks the same as the Hudson tender.
    For the time being can you find a set of Monogram Hudson tender trucks?
    I added metal wheels and pickups on a Monogram Hudson tender when I put a Rivarossi Pacific chassis under the Monogram Hudson boiler.
    I have a photo of it posted here on The Gauge somewhere.
  5. Dick Elmore

    Dick Elmore Member

    :thumb: Now if you want a really nice engine, order a NWSL motor to fit it,
    cut off the motor mount, drop a generous supply of silicon in the hole, hook the new motor up to the drive shaft and sit it down in the silicon. Wait about 24 hrs. and you'll have one of the smoothest, quietest engines you ever saw.

    Texas Chief
  6. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Thanks, Ray. I actually replaced the steps on my tender by grafting a new set on from a scrapped Monogram Hudson tender shell. Great minds think alike ;)

    Dick, this hudson sometime in its distant past had one of the "Tan Can" motors put in it so I'm anxious to see how well that conversion works. I'm looking to do a similar NWSL conversion on my Cab-forward eventually.
  7. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    I plan to build another Pacific from the leftover parts and since the motor mount is already broke off it will be a good canidate for that conversion.
    The other boiler was stripped of all molded on details and sand dome before I got it, so It could turn out to be a nice project.
  8. NYC-BKO

    NYC-BKO Member

    Good for you Ray, it's always nice to aquire projects that way, cuts down on the overhead. I guess the other Pacific project will be a good winter project when you get snowed in for weeks by those Arizona snow storms!!:p:eek:;)
  9. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    Here's a photo of the converted Monogram tender.
    Rivarossi wheel sets and wipers were used and a partial floor was glued in to hold some weights.

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  10. petey

    petey Member

    Can I follow you around? I'd like to sweep up the things your given, that you may not want. HA

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