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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Nellyst24, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. Nellyst24

    Nellyst24 Guest

    Hi all, i am another new one to this hobbie. I stared watching rc drifting clips on Youtube and Google video and loved it instantly and wanted to get into it. I have a Tamiya TA-02 chassis with the Repsol Escort RS cosworth shellis this an ok stater car for drifting?

    I am also in the process of maikng my own PVC tyres, is there any special tips on hoe to do this or is it quite straight forward?

    Just hope i can do it, gotta practice and practice!

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  2. jareb

    jareb Guest

    shafty tamiya

    The old shaft drive tamiya will work fine for drifting, You may want to run 19t motor or gear it for more torque, But with pvc or abs tires even the stock motor can you drifting like a pro. Just measure the wheels you plan on using and then cut the pipe to sections in that width, take the wheel with you when you buy the pipe and make sure that it fit snugly inside the pipe, you can also use a small amount of ca to prevent the pvc from sliding off but use VERY LITTLE ca will make pvc brittle and can crack especially if some bozo at you local club uses you frequency and you car takes air off the boards. If you have access to a router or dremel you can round the edges of the pvc so it looks more like a real tire, plus rounding the edge will help keep the car from catching on cracks in pavement and subsequently flipping, oh yeah watch those curbs they like to jump out in front of you for some reason. I want to see someone drift with tao2 chassis that came with Chevy s10 stadium body.
  3. Nellyst24

    Nellyst24 Guest

    thank you for your hints on doing the tires. I cant wait to get them on and running. Then I will practice and hopefully one day i will be a have decent drifter. There are a couple of shells i would like to get for my chassis, they are :

    Ford Shelby Cobra 500gt (if they do one)
    Schnitzer bmw M3
    Any nissan shell

    Ive seen some clips on youtube and they look awsome. Especially if the have the reciever wire in the car so not showing on outside. Cheers again for help.
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