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    SCOUSE New Member

    Hi all, im looking for some help/get told to buggeroff/anything , basically i fly 1:18 scale helis (trex 450 , blade 400, ark 450 , belt cp ) and i was wondering about making a card/balse fuselage instead of being stuck with a heavy fibreglass or cheap and nasty plastic one that breaks on first impact. I looked into some of the other means such as the GPM , ABC , Modelik paper models but at 1:33 scale they are much too small ( and quite a few are very low quality with badly fitting parts from what i have read ). Anyway, does anybody have experience of doing this ?a card model model on a 1:18 scale ? or point me in the direction of some help?.

    I did read a thread on here about using some 3d models from battlefield 2 but the majority of helpful links were dead :(

    Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

  2. ltla9000311

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    Scouse, it shouldn't be too hard to scale up something that you find for free on the net. (not pirated) The only problem I can see is the parts that are scaled up being to big to fit on a letter-size piece of paper. If I remember correctly,, (which is free) can handle printing out large files by breaking them up onto several pages when printing. Hope this helps!
  3. David H

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    I saw a commercially available AH64 card-shell sometime last year but have no idea if:

    a. I kept the link
    b. if it is the correct scale for you...

    I think it was a UK company.


    SCOUSE New Member

    Thanks for the replies , ill do some more research regarding correct scale etc. Ive seen a few of the free paper models, some are very good , ill continue looking nd post back what i can find , it may help others at some point.
    ltla9000311 definately wont be using anything pirate , not my thing.
  5. ltla9000311

    ltla9000311 Member

    Sorry, I wasn't suggesting that it was. Please forgive me if it sounded that way.

    SCOUSE New Member

    lol no m8 , sorry , i just meant that i will buy the plans if needed , sorry if my wording made it sound different. sign1

  7. sakrison

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    Scaling up from 1/33 to 1/18 shouldn't be a problem with the better-drawn kits. You'll have to re-engineer some of the internal structure and use heavier card to ensure the model's strength. I enlarged my Merlin 45 engine from 1/33 to 1/16 with no real problems--just a few extra formers and reinforcements.

    The thread on the Digital Navy USS Arizona scaled up to 1/100 might also be instructive. Keep us posted.

    No worries,

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