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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by badmoon, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. badmoon

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    I've been lurking here for a while now and thought it about time to de-lurk and introduce myself to everyone....:wave:

    My main area of interest here, is the card modelling section. I've been obsessively making things for most of my life and until recently ran my own IT and Multimedia company, making virtual models and alternate digital realities. Sadly ill health caused me to have to give up my business, leaving me with more time to make things.....

    Being a keen wargamer I recently decided to make some 1/144th scale WW1 aircraft. The first 2 models were scaled down Fiddlers Green models whilst the Rumpler C4 is my first attempt at scratchbuilding a 1/144th aircraft using 3D software (Truespace and UV-Mapper Pro).
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  3. arkon

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    just wondering what game you plan on useing those little gems in? i play blue max at another website and have started my own 1/72 scale plastic airforce to be use in canvas eagles( a more detailed version of blue max with alltitude and other variables).
    those look great and hope to see some more ww1 aqircraft!!
  4. badmoon

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    Thanks for the welcome guys :thumb:
    I plan on using the models for "HitT" (Hordes in the Trenches, a variant of DBA). I was originally going to use 1/72 scale models but found them to be way too big for the playing area. I decided to use 1/144th scale instead.... only to find that there aren't too many readily available models in this scale. So the only solution is to build from scratch.

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