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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by Don7, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Hi, just getting back into the hobby after a 25 years absence. I came across a couple of packed boxes that containted the bulk of my HO railroad collection a few months ago.

    In the boxes were the usual Riverossi collection of a few steam engines as well as MDC models and of course a couple of Athearn diesels.
    In addition a fair collection of the older Athearn and Roundhouse box cars, tankers, reefers and a few Athearn passenger cars as well as a set of the shorter Hariman Roundhouse passenger cars as well.

    There was also a collection of switches and a few MRC power packs as well, the switches of course being brass.

    I have since built my benchwork in the area allocated for my layout, it is in essence a U shaped 8' x 12' x 8'.

    I have since laid a two inch foam board over the tables and am just trying to develop a track plan for me. I envision two seperate dog bones with two towns/industries at each end.

    I will of course by browsing for ideas both here and other forums.

    Was really surprised to see that Bachmann steamers are now considered to be good (spectrum models), this was a far cry from when I was last in the hobby. In fact I have a 2-8-0 Bachmann that was new and has never run as when I first placed it on the tracks then it would not respond at all, was put back in the box where it still sits.
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    Welcome Aboard Don7... :D You're right - plenty of ideas all around the forum.. :) :)

    Look around and don't be afraid to ask questions! :D There's always a member somewhere, that's willing to help :D
  3. Triplex

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    Welcome aboard!

    You'll certainly find that a lot of things have changed in 25 years.
  4. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Glad you could join us Don!
  5. nachoman

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    I would say the hobby went through big changes between about 1994 and 2000. That's when DCC came about, and that's when some highly detailed plastic locomotives and cars began to come available. That's also when stuff started to shift from kits to ready-to-run. If you go over to the Model Railroader forums, people argue endlessly over wheter the hobby is moving in the right direction.

    And you are right, bachmann's quality was of the "frustrating" category through the 1980s and into the 1990s. I can't remember which spectrum model was the first, but they are much improved over their standard line. Bachmanns standard line has even gotten better, but is still not great. Unfortunatley, the company still has the bad reputation for low quality in many modeler's eyes

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    Even more surprising for me was Life-Like going from one of the crappiest to now one of the best you can buy (now, under the Walthers name...)

  7. conrailmike

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    Welcome Don!

    Lots of helpful people here on the forums!

    Glad you could join us!

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