Another Asking For Help with N Scale Layout or Am I Crazy

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by HPRL, Jan 29, 2006.

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    I am going to attempt to combine a table layout with T-Trak Modules. I don't know if it has been done before. I have included the table design that is already built (actually 2 tables). I am sure I have allowed enough space on the table to 2 or 3 trains running at once as I want a lot of action. Will be running Amtrak, freight and Trams (Tram will be running point to point)

    Tables are unique as they legs are on casters. The 3ft by 3ft are attached to each other but can be separated (nuts & bolts) and the 3ft by 6.25ft is a whole unit (legs are attached to a underdresser w/draws for controller). It is going to be a DCC System.

    T-Trak modules can be viewed at I want to be able to take my modules to trainshows but bring home and attach then to my table unit. The modules must sit onto of the table layout and operate with the rest of the layout. Am I makeing sense here?

    Or should I trash the whole idea and just build a unique layout on top of my table below? I am looking for some ideas for a track layout.

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    Interesting idea. Don't see why it won't.
    Can't wait to see the results.
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    Very interesting idea.... I had considered the idea of something like this once, but figured since I'd never heard of someone else doing it I must be nuts. Time to revisit the idea!

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    That's more or less what I am in the process of doing - in HO. When I got back into MR I checked first with local modular clubs to see what their standards were, and have designed and planned my modules with the intent of eventually hooking up with one of the clubs, pun intended. My first module is 2.5' by 8', with at least two different ways to connect. I think it would be a good idea for all model railroaders in this era to check with their local clubs to get a good idea of what is possible, because these clubs are doing things that you just can't read about in a book, and really taking advantage of newer techniques and materials.
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    The T-Trak-N Modules of the Eliada Homes Hobos are hooked to a donated Woodland Scenics layout. The T-Trak-N modules ends were added to the lower front of the Woodland Scenic layout with a runthrogh between each end for the modules to attach to.

    We had them set up at the WNC Model Railroad Club Show at the Civic Center in Asheville, NC. It worked great. The only thing that I would have done in the setup would be to set tables side by side and to place the Woodland Scenics layout to the inside with the long front to the front of the table. This would be done by adding two straight modules between the corners at the end. I had someone to make photos of this setup to post at the TTrak group on Yahoo. I never received the photos.

    With this any T-Trak, NTrak, oNeTrak module can be used in a home layout with the stand-alone layout. Special tables or legs would be used to accomplish this.


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