Another 1:60th Crawler Build

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by George B, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. jaffro

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    I know I'm a bit late, but regarding the cabin windows / interior I have a suggestion...

    I would cut the windows out, glaze them with clear plastic, then place a background picture behind the glazing, either the window panels you cut out, or something else you whip up yourself in a graphic program.

    it would look similar to what you have now, but with the aded etail of a reflection coming from the "glass".
  2. George B

    George B Senior Member


    I started work on the tracks. I went ahead and actually added the shoe serial numbers to each one.:twisted:
    There's alot of cutting and folding to complete one track but the end result should be well worth it.

    Until next time...........

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  3. scobie48

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    Hi George,
    Man, I am Awestruck with this build... I have been watching and learning.. If I ever find one I'd like to do the LUT and crawler for Ton's Saturn V I built someday... once I finish all the other ones I want to build.. Thanks for being here.. This forum is just something else!!!! Scott
  4. NYC Irish

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    Cleat serial numbers?

    Just incase one falls off and you have to replace it exactly?

    I kinda think they are all the same.....

    Well done George,

    John John
  5. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Each Cleat (actually called a shoe) has it's own individual number, not sure if they call them serial numbers or not. I believe it's to track how long each has been in service and at what point it's due for replacement.
    Although some have been in service since the 60's!

    Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Space shuttle movers get new shoes

    Let's hope one never falls off. :mrgreen:


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  6. George B

    George B Senior Member


    Hi Guys,

    I'm building Crawler #3 sign1

    Talk about extremes.


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  7. Nando

    Nando Designer Extraordinaire

    Cool George: two Mini-Crawler!

    ...But... tell me, are you envious of mine? sign1
  8. exzealot

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    Hi George,

    Wow! That's a really small crawler. Can't wait to see how you fold the little shoes for this one!

    My 2 cents: If you do decide to build an actual interior for the cabins, the Apollo era vs the Shuttle era are quite different. Based on the 2-podium configuration shown on the kit's graphics, this one is for Apollo. I'm sure you already knew that - I just put this in your thread for others who may not realize this.

    Nice Job!


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