Annoying short circuit (maybe) problem

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by YmeBP, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. YmeBP

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    Odd annoying problem w/ toy transformers. I setup my trains, i carefully wire everything i get it running and i turn it off, go to bed. I wake up turn the knob and .... nothing... i check the output of my transformer and it reads 0. I unhook the transformer then check continuity on the tracks. I figured out that my train engine has to be removed :) haha. Then i try again. I get a tone on both rails of the track .... as if there was somethign shorting out my track. I walk the entire length of the track w/ a magnet. Nothing .. Plug my transformer back in .... everything works :(. there is only one turnout in my layout and it doesn't do anything. :curse: i have an mrc 2500 on the way and i can't wait until it gets here :).
  2. YmeBP

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    File this one under "Dam your a stupid railroader Yme!":oops:

    So here is what i did. I wired up my trakcs i used nice solid copper 18 gauge wire max run is 5 feet, here is the kicker .... i used metal stapels to hold it into the wood :). Well ... someone should have told this moron here that you can't use metal staples on the wire becuase it cuts the jacket and causes a short :oops:.

    So i fixed it and got everythign running now. Steel oxidizes very quickly for me :( either that or i didn't clean my track well enough :(. I have a couple track cleaning cars now so i'm going to see if i can attach one to each loop and try to keep my steel clean until i can afford to replace it w/ NS.

    I was sceptical before when folks would poo poo steel and brass. Not any more .. i've only had te track electrified for a 2 days and probably have 4 hours of run time on the track.
  3. Jim Krause

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    Actually you were not stupid to use staples. Just don't drive them so hard that they cut the insulation. You'll probably find that your house wiring is stapled to the studs.
    Model railroading is a constant learning experience.
  4. Russ Bellinis

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    If you staple the wires up separately so that no staple has the capability of touching more than one wire, you won't get a short. That way you can put it together with staples to keep the wires tied up neatly, but still avoid short circuits. The other thing is the latest staples for house wiring are plastic coated.
  5. ezdays

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    You can buy a staple gun that takes staples with a raised hump in the middle, specifically made for stapling small wire. You can get both the stapler and the staples at most major home centers. You might even find one on sale this time of the year with people using them to staple Christmas lights around the house.
  6. YmeBP

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    You ready for this one ... after cursing my bloody stupidity my wife overhears me and hnds me a box of staples i bought w/ the humps in it..... :D of course she has to add "you are an idiot". ahahhah sign1

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