Angraf Pt 47

Discussion in 'First Impressions Kit Reviews' started by Billy Leliveld, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. After seeing Flu building those Polish beauties, I figured I want one too..
    So I bought the Angraf Pt47, because I saw the real thing a long time ago when it visited Holland

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  2. It must be one of the most defying kits I ever bought, 47! pages and laser-cut wheels, There looking good

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  3. The model looks very,very detailed, it must have a zillion parts

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  4. It has even lasercut bolts

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  6. It's gonna take me of the streets for a while, I'll make building thread once I started. Here's the real thing

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  7. parf

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    Ik heb er ook een gekocht. Schiet-ie al op? Here is yet another masochistic Dutchman falling for the Angraf blurb. I wonder if it's actually POSSIBLE to build one of these? It sure looks impressive, or should I say daunting...and looking at your pictures of the wheels, I think I need to buy those as well. Never did fancy cutting circles and spokes...


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