...And you thought you worked small...

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by ARMORMAN, Sep 16, 2006.


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  2. ekuth

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    That's... not... possible...:-?

    except somehow he has...:?

    *brain hurts* :razz:
  3. goney3

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    That is amazing...
  4. nikischutt

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    Scary stuff indeed. And we modellers think scaling models down to 1/10th of the original is small.

  5. Do I look like an elephant?, sure feel like one after seeing this..
    Cheers Billy
  6. -Jim G

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    I hope no one tells him about making micro model airplanes or tanks... he has already done enough damage to the shipbuilder's egos.
  7. Czestmyr

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    OMG! How is this possible?!? I've never seen such thing.
  8. cardmodeler

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    Seeing those ship models reminds me of the movie "Fantastic Voyage."
  9. july1772

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    I just finished building some models I thought were tiny. Now I feel like a hack.
  10. davelant

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    I will not say this is a hoax, but are you sure that you are seeing what you think you are seeing? Would you have known that it was Snow White and the dwarfs if the caption hadn't been there? There are few pixels in those thumbnail pictures. In his gallery presentation, Wigan's works are shown under microscopes in cases. Models would all look great if one could control the exact perspective under which they are seen. (From about 100 meters would be good for mine.) Conceivably, they could be flat paintings or photographic images. One press report on the web says that the Guinness Book of World Records was unable to verify his claims. No doubt you are seeing something very small, but what?

    ARMORMAN Guest

    guy sculpts with a piece of pulverized glass attached to a human hair while looking under a microscope. I would have to say it's 3D.

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