And yes, it DID fly ........

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by DanBKing, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Seriously: Does anybody really want this plane?
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  5. DanBKing

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    Well, uhm, ....... DUH! :bulgeeye::wink::yesyes::yesyes::):);)

    But, seriously, R-F; I posted this thread as an info/attention grabber.
    Grabbed the attention, it certainly has.....

    I have to agree with everyone though, it would make a hell of a model!!!!

    A certain member, who shall remain nameless, ( @Cybergrinder :shamefullyembarrased::)) started the idea of you creating and designing a workable paper model of the thread-titled beast......

    My response to that certain member,( @Cybergrinder,) who shall remain nameless, was of a typical English Sarcastical Type Humour .

    However, this is where you came in R-F............. feet first. :hammerhead:

    Your endless enthusiasm for this hobby, (which is why you are one of the best members here,) boiled over into this thread, and utilizing that, the nameless member ( @Cybergrinder ) myself and various other members, played your enthusiasm and you have now dropped yourself right in the $4|t (@zathros Can we get a smiley for that ????? ;))

    But, as thread owner, I am going to put my foot down (Zathros style!;)) and tell you not to stress over this project. DO not START IT! :biggrin:

    You have enough in your :boat: already..........

    In other words; Thanks for the kind offer of designing and creating this model, but in all realism, you are concentrating your energy and time, on other more important projects right now, like :

    FINISHING THE BLOODY MK1. VIPER!!!!!! :animated:
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  6. zathros

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    Personally, I have always found Russian aircraft design fascinating. They just built the damned things if they thought it should work. It lead to really different types of aircraft, so who's potential has not yet been maximized. :)
  7. Revell-Fan

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    @DanBKing : Thank you for the info! ;)

    YAY, I thought so (the Viper thing, yaknow ;) ). I was just thinking, hey, what to do after the whole rag-tag fleet has been turned into paper models. I'll wait and see what the unnamed member will come up with. Peronally, I would go for a 1:144 or 1:72 model. You still should be able to see and FEEL how massive that frakker is. :)

    Of course, the best would be a model in the same scale as Alan's DC-3... :cool:
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    @DanBKing ; Who me? I categorically deny making any allegations of the nature alleged by the respectable honourable member. Now please excuse me while I go build a swimming pool and get it written off as a tax return, because, you never know, I might need it to put a fire out. :) (SA political joke, google Nklandla Saga for the backstory :))

    @Revell-Fan ; He's absolutely right :) (it would be a nice one to see though :))
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  9. DanBKing

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  10. Cybergrinder

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    Where's the pool!?!?!? That's a fire risk! ;)
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  11. DanBKing

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    In the pot next to him ....... :):):)
  12. Cybergrinder

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    That's the uncooked meat, not water ....
  13. DanBKing

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    Oh! I thought the pool needed cleaning, its a bit murky in there ......! ;)
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  14. Cybergrinder

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    Well, how do you define a "floater" ?
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  15. DanBKing

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    Lets not go there, mate .... Hahaha.

    Back on subject quick, before Zathros and his whip appears ..... :blueface::lolsign:
  16. Cybergrinder

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    Right, the braai, no, pool. No, got it! The plane, beautiful plumage!
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