And NOW what is it? or my turn to be Nobi

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by shrike, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Ziga

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    Richard, you're the man! I didn't do my homework well enough ;-)

  2. Gil

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    Not the fighter glider!!!

    Shrike, you've exposed yourself as a bozo man..., you're branded for life.

    Best regards, Gil

    PS Bozo's bumpercar after the wheels fell off does have a kind of ring to it though.
  3. shrike

    shrike Guest

    We have a Winner!!!!

    It's a Tomasevich Pegas (4th prototype)

    The Pegas was planned to be a replacement for the venerable Po2 inthe ground attack role. The idea was to us the same K-11 engines and build the simplest (read 'crude')plywood structurepossible with a heavily armoured (yet open) cockpit.
    Armament was varied from a single 12.7mm machine gun up to the N-37 high velocity 37mm cannon depicted. A large selection of bombs and rockets were envisioned as well.
    As it turned out the aircraft had unpleasant flight characteristics and required a highly skilled pilot, who survival would definitely be in question.

    The project was deemed a failure after 5 prototypes (no two alike) were built and Gen. Dimitri Tomasevisch was reassinged to handle the production of Po'2s.

  4. shrike

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    another picture

  5. charliec

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    Now that's what I call obscure - great looking model.

    It reminds me somehow of Henschel Hs129 crossed with Nakajima Ki115 suicide attacker.


  6. shrike

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    That pretty much sums it up.
    Mission was the same as the Henschel, built and design quality was on a par with the purpose built Kamikaze.

    As soon as I finish some workable instructions It'll show up in Kit Announcements


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