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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Woodie, Jun 10, 2001.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Look what I missed out on. This set did the exact route I followed returning to Sydney from Melbourne, through Swan Hill and Moulimein. Not even the pubs along the track new it was coming along. DAMN DAMN DAMN. I'm so 'soffed. The whole return trip it did, sleeper cars and all. Check the prototype, then Garahbara. ( http://www.homepages.ihug.com.au/~niceboys ) DAMN DAMN DAMN.
    It did it two days after I passed through.

    [​IMG] ]

    This pic comes from another railfan that TRAVELLED ON IT! DAMN [​IMG]
    I'm yet to get my pics of the line developed, but will do that tomorrow.

    very loud "TOOT"

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  2. George

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    Contact the excursion operator and give them hell for having a lousy PR staff.

    Was it a private trip, or they just didn't advertise properly??

    Sorry you missed it, we would have loved the shots and hearing about it!

  3. Woodie

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    It was SteamRail Victoria ran the excursion. It was a long weekend here (Queen's Birthday).... and yes... holiday for the Queen of England's birthday ..... so there are lots of things like this going on. I just didn't really think to look if there was anything. Plus I wanted to be back in Sydney for the weekend anyway. There are lots of regular steam/nostalgia rail event scheduled, some on a weekly basis. So there will always be another one. Oh well. Next time I'll know better!

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    Woodie My kind of luck ! nice runby photo though. Made friends with the guys in the signal cabin on the line that runs near my house, so I now get advance warning if any thing is going to pass by thats out of the ordinary , last hit was a complete breakdown train on its way to an accident scene.Chaste it and got some good shots of 13 goods trucks of cement lying on their sides after an axle broke,Its amazing what a home baked cake will do.
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    You know Jimmy? I've got 6 tracks up the end of my street, and another 4 200m further away. Its the initial branch for everything that leaves Sydney.... and you know what? I've never sat down and watched from there. Everything I need goes past there, but it's not in my prototypical setting. Should pull my finger out, check some timetables and spend a day down there with a cut lunch and a tinnie! [​IMG]

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    You aren't the only one Woodie, As Jimmy can attest, waiting for trains to come is a heck of a way to get photos, Jimmy and I spent hours waiting here in Georgetown and nothing came through. Then I go out and see great shots but can't stop the car or don't have the camera with me. It's double track main line for CN through here with a neat bottleneck because it goes to single track to cross the old iron bridge here so you think we should see all kinds of action. Sometimes I get lucky. Check out the CN forum here at the Gauge.

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    I almost know the feeling, Woodie
    I was in Roanoke,Va. in late March of '87 when the last excursions of N&W #1218 A and 611 J were running in tandem, and side by side!!!!(The J is retired to the Transportation Museum there, may never run again , and the 1218...may become the center piece of the proposed O.Winston Link Memorial Museum, also in Roanoke, hopefully...negotiations in progress.)
    I was visiting family, but didn't have the'bug' then .... oh, if wishes were locos, beggars would ride... old trains!!! [​IMG] hope you catch the next one!!
    VGN [​IMG]

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