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Discussion in 'Model History & Reference' started by rkelterer, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. rkelterer

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    hi boys and girls,

    today i received three books via - anatomy of the ship, conway maritime press - hms victorious, hms agassiz and uss intrepid. all of them are a treasury of information :D details over details over ..... :lol:

    cheers from austria
  2. J.L.

    J.L. Member

    The title makes me think of 'The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships' by C Nepeon Longridge. Another book packed with very specific and detailed information.
  3. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    In my opinion the Conway book about the Victory is the rotten apple in their collection. It's photgraph section contains no recent images and consists almost entirely of pictures taken by C Nepean Longridge and his colleagues and placed in a library collection when they were surplus to his book. This is not adequately acknowledged by Conway who also incorrectly claim that there was no adequate reference work on the ship when they prepared their book.
    Although in an older graphical style Longridge's drawings are also significantly more informative.
    Sorry, but I have both books and feel quite strongly about it.

  4. cadwal

    cadwal Member

    Is this the revised edition from 2002 or an earlier edition?
  5. J.L.

    J.L. Member

    The book to which I refer has nothing to do with the Conway book. I do not know to what you refer. The 'Anatomy of Nelson's Ships' is a classic published by Model and Allied Publications Ltd. Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England.(13-35 Bridge Street)
  6. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    It says here
    It was originally published in 1987

    No sweat J.L. The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships is the "good guy". :lol:
  7. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    I have the Conway book. It is a very valuable resource for anyone interested in detailed drawings of the Victory.


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