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    OK class, Do the John C Butler Class and Cannon Class DEs share the same hull? Both wre built in 1943 and are significantly different in a lot of ways, but can a full hull model of one be used to support the deck and superstructure of another?

    The Dimensions are similar....a few abberations...ones steam driven the other diesel, turrent mounted 5" guns vs 3" deck guns, superstructure not quite the same....but look at that there hulll.......
  2. hasse neren

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    Hello Chief400,
    The Destroyer Escort classes during ww.2 where:
    EDWARTS class, 289 feet 5 inches in overall length, beam 35 feet and draught was 10 feet.1,150 tons standard.(Short hull)
    BUCKLEY class, 306 foot hull length beam 36 feet 10 inches and a draught of 14 feet.1,400 tons (Long hull)
    CANNON class, the same as BUCKLEY class. but 1,240 tons.
    EDSALL class, Same as BUCKLEY class but with a draught of 11 feet. and 1,200 tons.
    RUDDEROW class, same as BUCKLEY class, but 1,430 tons.
    JOHN C. BUTLER class, same as BUCKLEY class but 1,275 tons.

    The Cannon class destroyer escorts reatained the long hull of the BUCKLEY class but with diesel power. The hull was 306 feet overall and 300 feet at the waterline. Beam was 36 feet 10 inches and draught was rated at 14 feet. Displacement was 1,240 tons standard and 1,520 tons full war load. The CANNON class retained a bridge structure simular to the Buckley class.
    The John C BUTLER class was the last class of Destroyer Escorts construkted during W.W.2 for the Us.Navy. They were identical in outward appearance to the RUDDEROW class.
    The JOHN C. BUTLER class retained the 306 foot overall hull length as in the earlier classes. Beam and draught the same as Cannon class to. The differenc was in the superstructure and power.
    If you wan´t some more information or some link´s, tell me and you get it tomorrow
    Kind regards Hasse.
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    Groovy! All info would be appreciated.....I've got a Battle Off Samar thing going....wanna do a full hull John C Butler, Gambier Bay (Piece of cake eh?) and would someone PLEASE design a Fletcher? Guess I can go ahean and start that hull!
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    OK...I've upscaled a Free download Cannon Class found on the net to roughly 1:200 scale. Is there a rule of thumb about how far apart the bulkheads need to be in the eggcrate to make a really good support? Would 9 bulkheads of 1mm cardboard in roughly 18" be sufficient, or do I need to fab up some more?
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    Just curious, what is the link to the free download Cannon class DE?
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    Wow.....I figgered the vets here had fopund all the free links that were linkable........Urugauy Navy site....theres a Heavy Cruiser, French Frigate and the Graf Spee too!

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