An open letter from Sheriff Jim

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jmarksbery, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    I just want to applogize to you and your forum for all the crap that has been going on over at 2Guyz. It was/is not right and I am trying my best to correct the wrong. I have warned some of the bad mouthing of folks and forums over there and that I would not tolarate any more of it. You know how a few bad apples are.

    I want to extend my hand to you and your folks to stop by and say Hi once in a while and I am trying to promote our members to do the same. We have one common bond and that is our hobby. We need to learn from each other in order to promote the hobby of model railroading.

    I still and always will consider you and some members there as a friend of mine and hope it continues.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to speak. Take care my friends and I hope this finds you and your families all in good health.

    Sheriff Jim @ 2Guyz
  2. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    I think I joined too recently to really understand what this means...

    But please remember folks, this is a HOBBY. If you want to argue or belittle others or voice your viewpoint, these forums aint the place. If you just want to watch this kind of behavior for amusement, turn on the McLaughlin Group.

  3. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but I have no idea what forum is being discussed.

    BTW: nice site. I like the buildings! :thumb:
  4. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    You've always been allowed to speak here. :) Thanks for the thoughts though... It means a lot!!!

    You were always considered our friend here and good luck and good health to you and yours!!!
  5. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    It appears you aren't the only one, and so far, no information seems to be forthcoming.

    I guess we don't have the "need to know". :cry:
  6. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Good to see you here. Your words show an understanding of the differences between the two forums. Each, in its own way provides "community", which is something we "human creatures" all need, though not specifically, in the same ways.
    Our differences are what make us both "interesting", and "fencebuilders", and I'm sure we all have built fences, at one time or another.(I've never done wrought iron, my blacksmithing skills are short, to say the least.:mrgreen:)
    Again, then, Good to see you here, you are most welcome.
  7. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    For those of you not in the know, there are many train forums on the Net, two others of which basically were "spun off" from the Gauge. One is AMR (All Model Railroad) started by Shamus, who was the administrator here a few years ago. The other is 2guyz and sum trains started by a couple of former moderators of both the Gauge and AMR. Jim Marksbery is a moderator over at 2guyz. Now AMR, like the Gauge is more family oriented and a bit more reserve than 2guyz. There's been a recent thread there where a few members have been taking AMR and the Gauge to task for being too strict. Jim, the gentleman that he is, reminds us that the common bond between all three forums is the hobby and that we all need to concentrate on that aspect and that he does not support any trash talk that might offend anyone else both at AMR and here.

    Now to Jim, I say, hello, it's been a while since we saw you here and I personally looking forward to seeing more of you here. Thank you for letting us know that you and others there don't support the comments made it that thread. It's unfortunate when that happens, and I'm sure you'll deal with it appropriately.

    Thank you my friend, I'm glad you took the time to stop by, I wish it were under different circumstances though. Don't hesitate to stop by anytime, you are always welcome. :wave:

    And I need to add that Jim Marksbery is one of the best modelers I've known and it would be great to see some of his work again.:thumb:
  8. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!


    I appreciate your gracious post. I've always thought that the world of model train forums is a small one and we're likely to encounter familiar names on many forums. I've also come to realize that there need to be different forums with different atmopheres to appeal to the diverse group of folks our hobby interests. And, of course, I am aware that lots of folks like to participate on several forums and can enjoy the various kinds of atmospheres out there. Even though our two forums have some differences in style we share several members between us.

    If I can make this analogy, I kind of look at the Gauge as the Family Restaurant and 2 Guyz as the Local Watering Hole. The former intentionally asks for some self monitoring of content and language appropriate to a general audience while the latter is a place where members feel more free in their expression of language and topics. Some members will prefer to participate in only one or the other while others can enjoy both. I'll admit to being different with my friends at the local bar than I am with them and their spouses and kids at the local restaurant. :) I have no problem with that at all nor do I have a problem with people who may post more freely and use more adult content or language in a forum that sets that tone.

    What I do have a problem with is thoughtless or insulting public remarks about other forums or individuals, along with attempts to infiltrate another forum for the sake of being disruptive.

    So again, I appreciate your post, your invitation, your comments about the hobby being our great common interest despite some of our other differences, and your desire for civil relations.

    Best wishes to you as well.

    PS. I really miss your threads about your scratchbuilt boats. They were always an inspriation to me!
  9. CRed

    CRed Member

    Seems like a decent enough site although with a bit more "brashness" then what I'm used to here.One of the threads I read there was some "The Gauge" bashing which I don't understand,but to each his own I guess and it doesn't really bother me.I see Tetters joined today,I wonder how he likes it so far.

  10. RonP

    RonP Member of the WMRC

    Although I did not take part in bashing The-Gauge i was the thread starter.

    I thought it was a bunch of guys joking around, and think to myself Holy crap, how did it go this far.

    I hope you excuse me but I am still laughing at how we can all go over board like lemmings.
    I do apologize to who ever thinks they need an apology.

    The moderators here have edited my posts before and I don't think they would be surprised to see me involved either.
  11. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    Sheesh. If you want to see a nitpicky forum, go over to the model railroader forum. For awhile, there would be a guy who would re register every weekend, then get booted every monday. And then there is the guy who comments on every photo that the poster needs a new camera.

    I browse the other forums when I get bored, but if I get tired of off-topic stuff, I just close my browser and find something else to do.

  12. CRed

    CRed Member

    Well,I'm thinking about joining as it seems like a decent site and shouldn't be judged by a few comments in the one thread I actually read.This is the first and only site I've joined so I'm comfortable here,but there are a couple I have come across that seem like good sites.I can't remember the one,but I noticed several guys from here on it so I'll have to try to find it again.

  13. RonP

    RonP Member of the WMRC

    There are a few great sites, each has a small difference in focus. I will stay here (until I get "Banned" lol) as it is the best all round forum bar none, also for getting a good answer to a perplexing problem.

    Others focus on modeling or just screwin around. I enjoy a bit of each. Screwin around every now and then keeps me from getting in real trouble.
  14. CRed

    CRed Member

    I wasn't going to name names,but have you visited the Atlas forums?Holy I have never seen more bashing anywhere and for the smallest things.The bashing of a very good product and the person who bought it because a railing looks too thick or the sound isn't exactly right or there's too much space between the trucks and the cab of a steam loco ect.,ect.,it's amazing to me.

  15. RonP

    RonP Member of the WMRC

    Darn Jim now you did it over here.

    You see how this all got out of hand ?
  16. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Thank you Ron for your thoughtful apology. I know you started the thread, but didn't participate in the "bashing" part. We all run our forums differently. We rarely ban a member, but from time to time we do get some people that basically create a situation that dares us to take action. Of course we ban spammers selling everything from porn to phones on a regular basis, and yes, we take particular delight in doing that. We take no delight in banning a regular member, and thank goodness that doesn't happen that often here, it doesn't really. The same goes for editing or deleting posts, but that has to happen sometimes, fortunately, not very often either. We may be a bit more, let's say, Victorian in our ways, but we attract members of all age groups and both male and female. I guess we draw the line a bit closer than some, but I think those that come here appreciate it and respect that approach.

    As Jim says, there is a common bond between all the train forums. Yes, we are all individual beings, but we are also all modelers and train enthusiasts. We should remember that, and we need to respect the styles of others. I'm not saying that we need to all hold hands and sing, "Kumbaya" around the campfire, but we just need to let each other do things the way the other guy thinks is right. There is no right or wrong here, it's just a matter of choices. Ours are different than 2guyz or AMR, so be it, diversity is what the Internet is all about, but don't forget our main course is to enrich the hobby, and I guarantee you that this is the main purpose of all these forums.
  17. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Sometimes the truth must come out, and it should not be labeled as incivility. For the record, I used to belong to AMR before I even knew about the Gauge. Not user friendly at all - full of old grandmasters without the patience to even talk civilly to newbies, unwilling to answer questions, and terminally afflicted with NIH Syndrome. While that may not sound like "unity among the community", (nice rhyme, that, and totally unintentional!) that is the way it was, and the reason I quit going there.

    I'm all for courtesy, decorum and pretending not to notice the gigantic wart on Grandma's nose, but reality is what it is sometimes.
  18. MCL_RDG

    MCL_RDG Member

    I'm "almost" sorry I read...

    ...this post. I wasn't gonna reply but, then I realized I could toss in a good line I heard- "It's OK, I have my big girl panties on now".

  19. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Truth doesn't have to be labeled incivility. There are just some ways of expressing one's reaction to truths that are more civil than others. :)
  20. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Thanks for the kind comments... We try to keep The Gauge civilized and family oriented. :D

    It's mostly a job that no one sees because we do most of our work behind the scenes of the day to day operations here..

    ~~~ Thanks!!!!

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