An interesting B&O box car of 1867

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    Thank you very much to you all for your friendly comments. I hope to have same success with next model; it is more complicated than you can see at this small picture. (Sorry, I would like to attach a link to bigger picture behind this thumbnail but I can't edit my old reply. Error is written to Zealot admins already.)

    I think that I can build nice looking wood cars but I have my problems working with metal, soldering etc. Because I preffer to use (a small number) brass models my wishes in quality are high and I think that I can't attain this with my know-how in metal working. I know what you have built for fine locos based on industrial models but I'm sure that I can't do same.
    From Bruce Griffin, editor of B&O Modeler Magazine, I did got the idea building a B&O 2-8-0 old time camel back based on an older MDC model - this could be the only way to start such a loco project. But I have ideas over ideas for new car models, I'm not sure that this project will be not reality in next years.
    In time I use for pulling my old time train a N&W 2-8-0 class G-1 brass engine. This may be not very correct but time around 1900 is ok. And old Americans are also very correct locos for these trains. But such models I don't own.

    sorry, the second B&O model is gone to friend already. He rebuilt most of my brass models by changing the motors or by regearing and he must got this second model as a small comparisation.
    But with next model (the announced low board gondola) I build one or two models more - than we can read again about this. This model fits also the 1900 era exactly so that it can be used together with 40' cars - and this gondola is with 66' longer than all other cars of that time. I think it could be an eye catcher again. The first parts are glued already.

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    I'm aware that it was for a friend, I was just kidding. I would love something as nice as these cars, but I know I don't have the time, patience, or skills for it, nor could I afford one anyway
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    Most impressive!!!!
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    Wow, thanks for linking this in your Gondola thread. It's been really nice to catch up on this equally impressive earlier project. You're a true master craftsman.

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    Just Awesome!
  6. Excellant modelling!

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