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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by RobertInOntario, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. w8jy

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    Nice to see #765 running! Thanks for posting those pictures.
  2. Pitchwife

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    Thanks Jess. This, as in most photoshop projects, was where less is more. It is such a great picture, the composition, angle, everything... I'm sure that any professional photographer would be pleased with it. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  3. MadHatter

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    Steam behind bars- I like that one :)
  4. nkp174

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    I guess it is better than allowing people easy access to number plates and such...even if they are reproductions.

    Here's one better than just caged...

    The NKP 779 was the last commercial built domestic locomotive in the United States. She was preserved by the efforts of John H. Keller whom had her stored in the Lima Tank plant (every M-1 Abrams tank passes through there)...until this enclosure was completed. She is shielded from the western & northern bad well as having a roof. She shares her cage with 1880's built caboose 1091...Keller's personal caboose as a flagman...1880's built business car #5, and a handcar...approximately 10yds from the DT&I's mainline.

    My opinion is that 779 should never run again. She is complete (even has the trust plates which normally are removed while in service jawdrop. Plus, 765 does run...759 has run...and 763 will run as we have plenty of operational examples. 765 has exchanged parts with 779 at various while she is complete...some things are broken...and she was retired due to being up for a class 1 overhaul (drivers turned...etc...) She's the perfect engine to sit in her cage forever.

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    I believe that many children now would know the difference thanks to thomas the tank train. My gransons have many thomas videos and DVDs last night my 2 yearold grand son was watching one called steamies vs diesels and it explained the difference between the two and did a good job at it. in fact if you go back to what may have been th original one, thomas and the magical railroad. the diesel was portrayed as evil and no good . my oldest grandson hated diesels including th ones on my layout because of thi movie. he loved my 2-6-6-6 Allagheny and called it Gordan the biggest engine in the series. Please forgive my spelling I am still recovering from stroke.
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    Les...If your spelling is an indication of your're doing great..!! Good to see you're keeping up with the goings-on here at The-Gauge. Hope to hear more & more from you as you get back in shape...:thumb:
  7. RobertInOntario

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    Good point, Les! That's so true. My kids have watched Thomas since they were very young and that has helped their railway knowledge.

    Again, my 4-year-old son will happily point our the steamies from the diesels, although the 1930s streamlined steamers will occasionally stump him!

    Take care,
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    I agree...Lester has an awesome point. My nephew absolutely loves trains. Every time that he sees me...or talks on the phone...he asks me if I have my trains with me. He also talks about Grandpa's trains.

    This past weekend I took along my 11' of On3 track, a mogul, and a Loksound equipped Goose. My nephew and my cousin's kid were discussing which they liked more (both are 3yrs old) cousin's son preferred the "diesel" because of it's sounds...but my nephew strongly preferred the steam engine...because it was a steam engine. I was thinking...good nephew.
  9. Pitchwife

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    Perhaps this Rail related comprehension skips a generation now and then. :v8:
  10. MadHatter

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    :mrgreen: Hehe :mrgreen:


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