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  1. Speaking of recognizable (and dated) silouhettes, how about this one still in contemporary use: the road signs indicating a nearby train station.

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  2. w8jy

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    Pitchwife, feel free to use the photo. Glad to see someone enjoyed it.
  3. CNWman

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    Well, most desiels look alike to me type wise (can't tell even an FA from a PA sometimes), but I honestly don't see how someone could think a steam engine is a desiel engine (although steam engines nowadays do indeed burn desiel oil if possible).
  4. nkp174

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    Nachoman hinted at this... black smoke is a substance which photographs love...but could get a fireman demoted/fired back in the days of steam. Black smoke is the tell-tale sign of a poorly fired locomotive.

    As to the's a question for gaugers...what are these:

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  5. Printer

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    Let us know how your little poll comes across.:thumb:

    I'll have to pay more attention to the Hunt trailers. I'd like to get a photo of the sticker.

    (btw, my Mother retired from Chrysler Highland Park HQ years and years ago after 22 years of service)
  6. CNWman

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    For the first one, the two 6-axle bogies and the keystone numberplate are a dead giveaway, for that is the PRR S-2 steam turbine, the only one ever known to be of the 6-8-6 type. I'm clueless as to what the seccond one is, though.
  7. nkp174

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    Fellow Cincinnatian, it is the Jawn Henry. Named for the african-american version of paul bunyun...whom built tunnels for the coal hauling railroads.

    Jawn Henry was the N&W's steam turbine.

    One engine looks like a steam engine and the other looks like a diesel...but both were steam turbines.
  8. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    Unfortunately the C & O steam turbine spent most of it's time in the workshops as far as I know and it never did complete a full trip over it's designated line, because it always broke down.
  9. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    UP also had something that looked like a F- Unit but it had condensing apperatus at the back of the loco, I think it was in a blue livery.
  10. bigsteel

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    im by far no desiel or steam expert but atleast i can tell the difference! as you can see by my avatar my favorite engine is the C&O steam turbine.but unfortunatley like madhatter said,it spent most of its days in the shops cause it was far to complicated to work was very similar to pennsylvanias S-2.but i really cant beleive someone would mistake a desiel for steam,i mean,come on!i could understand someone not knowing what a turbine loco is but a deisel!?!? man,thats almost unbelievable!--josh
  11. RobertInOntario

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    Yes, I can't believe that as well, it's amazing! In thinking about this, I'm challenging myself to be sensitive to "non-train" people -- I fully expect that they won't know much about trains.

    Having said that, my main point is that the steam/diesel difference is so obvious that it should be "common knowledge" -- kind of like being able to tell a truck from a bus, or a car from a van !! :mrgreen: But that doesn't seem to be the case regarding trains, with some folks.

    Again, I don't want to be unfair to non-train people because I know little about so many other topics, that I wouldn't want other folks to be unfair to me! :eek:

    Still haven't got around to polling my friends yet for my unofficial survey (which I described earlier) -- I'm still going to try though because I'm really curious!

  12. Pitchwife

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    Thanks Jess. I did photo-shop it a bit, just changed to the gamma setting some and tweaked the brightness/contrast a bit, just to bring it to life a little more. This is the result:

  13. MadHatter

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    Sho! That loco's a beaut!!!!!
  14. lester perry

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    the people this would be would be ment for is the driver in a rail yard loading piggy backs. which if he/she is not aware of the fact that there are no locomotives which look like that probably should consider a new job. plus I doubt if they even pay attention to it as I know there are tags on trailers which could or should be read by me and I don't bother.
    in other words if a shipper loads it for railservice I would put it on the train. after all I am just a dumb truck driver I don't know the difference between a steam or diesel locomotive
  15. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Didn't someone post on The Gauge here somewhere that Sid Myers (sp?) Train simulator left the tenders off all the steam locos (and they were definitely not tank engines)...? hamr

  16. nkp174

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    I'm tempted to post pics I took this weekend of the C&O 2776 in Washington Court House, OH and another of the NKP 765...which were sisters of the 1225.
  17. w8jy

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    nkp174- please do post those -would like to see them!

    Clark, I had tweaked it a bit myself, but posted the original image here. As usual, most of the steam photos can use a little work because of the strong contrast between the loco and the surrounding area. Good job!
  18. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    Sid Myer's trains also miraculously manage to ride through each other.
  19. nkp174

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    Btw...can you guess where the marker lights on the 2776 came from?

    My dad made the number plates on both engines...with the castings being performed by a foundry in Chillicothe, OH...which is 15 miles from the 2776. He's actually made the number plates for more than half of the C&O & NKP 2-8-4s that are well as numerous builders plates, superheater plates, some trust plates, number boards, etc... It's pretty cool as I helped him install the ones on the 763 and the 755...I believe there was also a headlight swap on the that it had the correct type. Currently we're planning a trips to Green Bay and Strasburg. Strasburg is for a replacement bell which a railfan graciously donated the money to have the aluminum bell cast...that's the NKP 757...and the trip to Green Bay is...I think...for the new builders plates for their big boy and possibly some stuff on their C&O 2-8-4. I guess I'm being long winded...:killer:

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  20. Bones

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    It's great that the loco is being 'saved', but I hate to see steam kept behind bars. :eek:

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