Amtrak Derailment

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by cidchase, Apr 7, 2004.

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    Northbound "City of New Orleans" derailed south of Yazoo City,
    Mississippi, at 7:00 PM.
    At least one person was killed, and eighty injured, with a number
    of critical injuries.
    Nine cars on the ground, on their sides.
    The darkness is not helping the rescue/cleanup efforts any.
    No fire was apparent in the TV pictures.

    This is very close to the site in Vaughan where Casey Jones
    lost his life. :(
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    Very unfortunate for all concerned.

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    They had to put everyone on buses on the SouthBound City of New Orleans train(Chicago-New Orleans) at Memphis. Right around when this happened they said they they were riding over the roughest part of the journey. It's sad not only for loss of life but also you won't get to railfan in that area for quite some time because of the cleanup. :( :(
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    I believe that's the train that runs through town here. I never seem to have a chance to get a good shot of it. Here it is leaving town on the old Monon main line, headed for Monon, then Rensselaer (my home town) and on to Chicago from there. I keep thinin' I should ride it up to Chicago one day, while I have the chance...

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    They say that the cause of the derailment in MS was faulty rail. The engineer saw the rail misalignment and tried to stop but it was too late. Believe it or not CN inspected the tracks just 2 days before and said they had passed inspection. They have had 5 derailments in that same area in the past 18 years, one spilling hazardous wastes causing nearby Flora to be evacuated. CN has since replaced the faulty rail.

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