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    Hi everybody this is my first post, im 26 years old and am assembling a large fleet of mostly NS/CSX models for a "yet to be made" layout. Anyway i live in new jersey and grew up watching the Amtrak Gamblers Express which used old metroliners converted to control cars for a push pull operation. I was just wondering if anyone has attempted this. I do already have an old metroliner model and the Amtrak decal kit with the yellow and black stripes. Hope this was enough info and thanks in advance.
  2. Well, if it's motored, you'd have to make it a dummy; control cars don't have motors.

    (Who am I kidding, you can do what you want motor-wise!)

    But it shouldn't be too hard to do that. Just a few extra bits (like maybe a horn?) and it should be perfect!
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    well it is a dummy i will also have to cut the windows on the end because they are different , basically i was just hoping it has been done before that way i could get some pointers.
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    It can't be to hard. I know that I have been planning such a project in the future, but i haven't yet given it a good look.

    here is someone else has made one here on this site. It does look much hard than removing the pantograph (I'll take that if you don't need it, lol, my layout lives off Electric locomotives), repainting the model, and adding some details. probably the most annoying part would be to get a whole new amfleet car to mount the shell on, just to get the right underbody detail.

    just go here for ideas where to start.

    Cab Car #9646

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