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    GPM makes one a landing craft........... but it's not cheap. Although it does look good:grin:

    My Dad served on the Plymouth Rock.

    This is a ship files that is lacking.......... not as glamorus as the BBs, CVs, DDs, etc..........
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    Two of the LSMRs found their way into the navy of the Federal Republic of Germany where they were renamed "Otter" and "Natter".
    A very nice Otter/Natter kit is available in 1/250 scale issued by Passat Verlag.

    Passat Verlag webpage:
    direct link to Otter/Natter kit:
    Kit review/Construction report:

    I assume you live on the western side of the Atlantic ocean. Therefore the following warnings. Passat Verlag does not seem to accept credit card payments. Thus, it may be easier to order the model through a dealer like:
    but be aware of the high mailing costs and slow delivery (weeks). Maybe you can find a dealer this side of the ocean who offers better conditions.

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