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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Why me, May 11, 2006.

  1. Why me

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    Hi guys running lenz 100 5amp tranformer how many locos dose that allow me in HO or N scale to run please ty mike

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  2. pgandw

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    Plenty. How many locos can you control at the same time? In HO, you can assume at least 10, even if some have sound. N will be even more. The exact answer depends on the individual locomotives, the loads they are pulling, and whether or not they have sound. But like I said, unless you have a club-size layout with many operators, you can't safely control that many locos simultaneously unless you are into staging crashes.

    My rule is one train per operator, with the only exception being one additional train circulating unattended while the operator switches with a second. Recognize that the unattended train is just that - a moving crash hazard.

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  3. Woodie

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    I've got a twin mainline, reasonably lengthy (round a two car garage), and I can really only cope with 4 trains at once. (two on each mainline) (continually adjusting each to ensure they don't catchup/slow down). I've tried more, but it's just not worth the constant vigilance. I've tried more, with no probs powerwise, and also double-head and have had 8 locos running using only 4 AMPS of my 8 AMP supply. How much I had left of that 4 AMPS, I do not know. Remember a loco just sittng on a DCC track doesn't use anything. (unless you have the light/sound on, of course). And 5 AMPS would probalby power at least 100 locos, if they are just sitting there with just the light on.

    I do this all through JMRI software, so I have a throttle for each loco on the monitor, rather than "recall" on a single hand held controller. If you are using a single hand-held controller, then no more than two at a time can be coped with anyway.

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