Ammiraglio di Saint Bon

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  1. Gregory Shoda

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    Attached are images of my recently completed model of the Italian battleship Ammiraglio di Saint Bon (ca 1902). The pictures are not too clear. I no longer have the model as a few days after completion, I offered some of my models to my older daughter and she selected the Ammiraglio di Saint Bon. (Honestly, I think color and size were her major selection criteria as none of my daughters is much interested in models.)

    The model is not built from a kit and is in 1/550 scale. It is under 8 inches long.

    The original ship displaced 9645 tons normal and mounted 4 x 10 inch and 8 x 6 inch guns with 9.8 inches of belt armor. She and her sister Emanuele Filiberto served in WWI but were not considered successful ships, having a main armament comprable to armored cruisers with less speed.

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  2. paperboy

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    That's a great looking model Gregg. How about posting some other pictures of your ships. I take it that you like to scratchbuild arcane subjects that you'll never find commercially. I'm working on a model of a Spanish armored cruiser of the SAW now and when i finish it I plan to build the protected cruiser USS Charleston of the same period.

  3. Jim Krauzlis

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    Hi, Gregory!

    What a superb looking model! Scratch built, you say? Very nicely done!
    Do you have any other ship models to show us?

    You have a wonderful talent and I can readily see why your daughter picked that model.

  4. eibwarrior

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    Nice work Gregory, I don't know how you gave it up.

    You do such clean work at small scales. That is very nice. I really like the way your main turrets came out. No seams visible at all.

    For those who want to see more of Gregory's work, head over to and check out the galleries. He has a lot of subjects in the BB part of the gallery. Just search the page with the "find" function on your browser with "gregory". They start popping up in the highlighter.
  5. Gregory Shoda

    Gregory Shoda Member


    Thanks for your kind words Vernon, Jim, & Ebi. I will post some photos of other ship projects later.

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