American source for A4 paper?

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Atomsk, May 6, 2004.

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    I've been building card models since last year, and so far I've only built models I've printed myself. There are either web downloads or models distributed on CD (Delta 7).

    I've come to favor Wausau 65# cover stock, to print my models on the color laser printer at work. Most models drawn to A4 dimensions will fit on Ameican A (letter) size paper, but a few come too close to the upper or lower edge. I need to get my hands on some A4 65# (176 g/sm) cover stock, to print those pages.

    However, being in Texas, I can't find anyone who distributes it. I can't even find a place to get it through the mail (unless I want to have it shipped from the UK)

    Is there anyone in North America that sells metric cover stock?
  2. cardfan

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    I don't know of any supplier of A4 cover stock, but your local paper store might carry Legal size. I have also found at Lakeshore school supplies a product that they call "tagboard" that is 9 x 12. I just cut off the side to 8.25 and it works great. It is also cheap here at about $4 for 200 sheets. Hope this helps.

  3. Atomsk

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    Excellent suggestion, CF. I'll give that a try.
  4. Gecko23

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    The local staples here carries white 67# and 110# card in 11X17, I just cut it down to 8.5" or so to fit through the printer.

    I've just got a cheap Lexmark, but most printers should handle stock that is 14-18" long (with some tweaking in the driver settings), the limiting factor on most north-american models is the width of the throat.

    Another option, and the one I use the most, assuming none of the parts are actually more than 10.5" long or so, is to cut up the image and re-layout the parts to fit on 8.5X11.
  5. Atomsk

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    That's also an option (though I prefer 65# cover stock to Bristol or card stock).

    As for re-formatting the images, most of them are protected PDFs, and I can't modify them without stripping out the protection. That's something I can't (have yet to figure out how to:) do.
  6. Gecko23

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    Here's a webpage that details converting anything to pdf via ghostscript, steps are basically the same for output to PNG or TIFF. (hint, select 'pngwrite'):

    Also, you can use *any* printer driver that outputs postscript, usually they will have names like 'printer blah blah PS'.

    And, although you can convert an entire document to PS in one shot, you can only convert one page at a time from PS to PNG.

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