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    I found an old lot of american railway engineering association books. They are from the 50's, 60's, etc. Man, do they need cleaning. I haven't looked at them closely yet, but was wondering if any of you might have an interest in them before I try Ebay?
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    I'd at least be interested in seeing them before they go on the block... Got any pictures of the covers or tables of contents?

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    Only the tops of books are dirty. Pages are stiff in some areas, but no tears or markings. I glanced through and found tons of pics, maps, charts, diagrams of track maintance, ballast, retarders, grading, etc. In the 1966 one there is track maps of Seaboard, Pennsy, CN and NYC yards. Problem is this weighs about 55lbs. Shipping would cost a mint. Any suggestions as ebay has a sale today on listings.

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    I'd be interested in them and I live close enough I could probably arrange pickup.

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