American Inventor June 13 Show

Discussion in 'Radio Control & Other Propulsion Methods' started by paperbeam, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. paperbeam

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    Hi all!

    I just watched the American Inventor show tonight and the finalist picked from L.A. is a teacher who created an all-in-one r/c kit specifically for customer self-designed paper models using PC software (included with the kit I suppose).

    With any luck his idea will come to market.:grin:

    I'd like to give you more specifics, but hard to track his name down, etc. right now.


    N and Z scale Old West, full color, downloadable paper models at
  2. rickstef

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    my mom called me about this guy, because all his models are made from paper

  3. Zathros

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    There are already similar products on the market. He says he has a program to do the modeling. I wonder what that is?
  4. nx13688

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    His name was Ricky DeRennaux. There is a blurb and a screen cap of some of the models partway down on this page.
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    I just can't believe the snarkiness of this comment on that page:

    "Not very green"!?! As opposed to what, plastic is "greener"? Paper is a renewable and recyclable resource. States are now starting to outlaw plastic shopping bags in favor of paper. Paper models not "green"? Sheesh :-/
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  8. paperbeam

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    Isn't this almost akin to trying to patent the wheel? It's obviously been done before...:twisted:


    N and Z scale Old West models at

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