American Flyer Set #20144

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by flizzard, Jun 17, 2004.

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    I've got a complete set, #20144 American Flyer "Guided Missile Special" that I cannot find one piece of information on. All I have to go by is from the original paperwork that was in the box. It gives a price list with the heading "1958 Advertising Train No. 20144."

    Cars that are included are as follows:

    New Haven Diesel with Pull-Mor Power and Headlight
    Illum. Floodlight Car
    Remote Control Rocket Launcher
    Rocket Transport
    Action Crane Car
    Work and Boom Car

    I don't have the car numbers on me right now.

    Anyone have any ideas as to value, collectibility, or availability of this set? I've seen prices for the individual cars in this set, but like I said I can't find any mention of the set anywhere.

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    I don't have any information on sets. Why don't you go to the S-Trains list on Yahoo and ask?
  3. jeeps

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    20144 set

    It was an uncataloged set. Any interest in selling it?

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    Hello Flizzard

    The 20144 set was offered in 1958 and consisted of the following : (21561, 25045, 24549, 24553, 24543, 24546) . Depending on condition and if you have the boxes and what shape their in this set would be worth in todays standards anywhere from $950. to $1800. Condition is very important one scratch would greatly take the value down fast. The name of this set is American Flyer Action Diesel Rocket Freight Train Set . Greenberg's price guide is way off due to Ebay which has sent Flyer prices through the roof. Heres some food for thought this is one of the most collectable uncataloged sets so becarefull you don't get snookered when you try and sell it.

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