American Flyer Op Missouri Pacific 976 Stock Car operations???

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by TedTrain, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Hi ALL!

    I have this AM Flyer 976 Operating Stock Yard Car. I have the Cows also. So, I don't have instructions for this. I'm trying to see if the thing actually works!!?? I don't have a track set up. So all I can do is bench test it. So, I apply AC power to the Trucks and that Pick-up rail thing. It does Vibrate....IS this what it's supposed to do??

    I have assumed that's what it's supposed to do. Now which way do you feed the cows into the car? On the Left there is this sort of elevated ramp thing. So, just what is the idea here, feed the cow on the left than it vibrates thru the car and out the right door? Basically...just what is supposed to happen here??

    Many thanks, Ted

  2. 60103

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    Ted: Do you have the "stockyard" as well? The idea was that the cows would wiggle their way out of the car, around the stockyard, and back into the car. This was done by vibration and little prongs under the base of the cow. The car isn't much use without the stockyard or corral.
    (I'm assuming the Flyer car operates similarly to the Lionel one; I don't recall what it really looks like.)

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