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    I am looking for ideas on a new layout. I have attached a couple photos of my current 5 X 10 layoutt, pretty boring flat and undecorated. Everytime I get ready to start scenery, I start looking for a new track plan.
    Does anyone have an interesting track plan you would share with me. I have thought about starting over and making a U shaped layout that could be against three walls in the room. The room is 10'6 inches wide, and I could use 10 to 12 feet up the two longer walls. Maybe each leg could be three feet wide.
    Any and all suggestions, or photos are appreciated.
    Thank you,

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  2. Cannonball

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    Have you looked at ThorTrains.Net? He's got a several O scale layouts. also, if you find me on YouTube (Cannonball027), You can see a video or two of the old 4x8 layout I did. That could be expanded to fit your space.
  3. Jim Krause

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    Have you thought about using S scale flex track, which would give you more opportunities than your fixed radius AF track. I would also suggest doing some scaled sketches of your ideas, based on your givens (room size, finances, etc) and druthers (what you would like to have). Balance the two. See Givens and Druthers on this website.
  4. gkcooper365

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    AF Layout

    Thanks for the post, I have looked at all the great layouts at, I have been thinking about a narrow layout on three sides of my room, and multiple levels. Have not seen many like that, but still looking.
    Thank you,

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