American Flyer Coupler Replacement

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Bob Ballantyne, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Bob Ballantyne

    Bob Ballantyne New Member

    I'm a little new to this (but a bit older in life) and am having trouble trying to replace link pin couplers in some AF rolling stock including one tender. I have the pins and the "tool," but I cannot get the old pins put with out doing damage to the trucks. In fact, I stopped even trying.

    This is critical in one aspect, that of getting a 302 AC engine's tender's link coupler replaced.

    Any tips on ding this?

    Bob Ballantyne
  2. acflyer322

    acflyer322 New Member

    Bob, are you trying to replace the old link type coupler with knuckle couplers? or are you just trying to replace broken link couplers? Either way you will need a jig to place the car or tender on its side and place the coupler over a special block and then take a special punch that slides over the pin and you then take a small hammer and hit the punch knocking the pin into the special block that has a hole in it to let the pin fall through and then the coupler comes off and to reinstall it you simply do the opposite turn the tender or car on its other side and put the coupler in place making sure you have the pin and coupler lined up and then tap the new pin through coupler and its ready to use. I build tools for flyers in fact I have wheel cups listed on ebay right now under the same name acflyer322 . Be real careful when you install the new coupler as you don't ruin it. Once you do a few you will get the hang of it. The special block that supports the link assembly is a very important part of this doing it successfully. Good luck

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