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    I have some American Flyer equipment to sell. I've been told that it is "S" gauge, but have just found out that there is also "O" gauge in this set. The track that I have is labeled on the box as 3/16". Which gauge is this? My NMRA Master Model Railroader father would have a fit if he were still around! Thanks!

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    If my brain cells haven't failed me yet 3/16" is S gauge and 1/4" is O gauge.
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    S-gauge track has two rails. O-gauge rail has three rails.

    There are other differences but those are the easiest.
  4. 60103

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    I'm a bit late getting into this, but I stumbled a bit on this in my early days.

    O gauge track is 1-1/4 inches between the rails.
    S gauge track is 7/8 inches between the rails.

    O scale (the relationship to the real thing) is 1/4 inch = 1 foot; the proportion is 1:48 -- a model car one foot long is 48 feet long in real life.
    S scale is 3/16 inch = 1 foot; the proportion is 1:64.

    Before WW2, American Flyer made 3/16" scale bodies mounted on O-gauge trucks. After the war they switched to S gauge using a lot of the same bodies.

    I have heard it said that O-27 is S scale bodies on O gauge track. Toy makers are liable to do anything.
  5. mtd,
    american flyer had two groups: prewar 3 rail and postwar two rail which is ow available again if you are interestd. American Models and S-Helper are 2 new supplyers of S scale
    Alan Lambert

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