American Abrams tank and other vehicles scale/kit question

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by buckbeak, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. buckbeak

    buckbeak New Member

    Hi all!

    I have a collectible fictional tank that was made for a computer game. However, they did not make all the vehicles from that game.

    So I have decided to mod some kits out there to try to make it look like the vehicles from the game.

    Here for example is the Mammoth tank from the game; you can see other vehicles as I have labeled here. It will be great if you can recommend some kits for them! -->

    And here is the actual Mammoth tank model that was made that I have. I am holding it in my hands and also threw a a couple coins to show scale. Being new to the hobby, I have trouble understanding scale:





    Can you please tell me what scale this tank is? For the likes of me I can't seem to figure it out!

    Basically the Abrams tank from the game that I want to make a model of, also known as the Medium Tank in the game, is what I need a nice kit recommendation for.

    After getting what scale kit or model I have to buy, then I can go ahead and buy it and modify it to look like the Medium tank in the game...:oops:

    Any kit that would match the scale of the Medium Tank from the game to the Mammoth tank that I have in real life would be great! Also, if possible it will be nice to hear some kit recommendations for the MLRS rocket launcher, Humvee, M113 Armored Personal Carrier as well!

    Thanks a lot for your help! I have looked at many kits but without knowing and understanding hobby scale, I can't move forward...but I am sure you can help me out!:thumb:

  2. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    Should have said on the box. Problem I see is guessing the real life size of the "mammoth". Others here will be able to make a more educated estimate but my guess is 1/35 as I have a couple armor kits that appear to be about that size.
  3. jmodule

    jmodule New Member

    Maico, you're guessing to big I think. 1/35 tanks do not fit in the palm of a hand. :mrgreen:

    Using the scale comparisons you gave, I suspect it is around 1/100. You should be able to find some die cast tanks around that size to compare it with. Another possibility is 1/87, which is the HO train scale. There are a lot of vehicles in that scale, though it's not as popular for wargaming.

  4. buckbeak

    buckbeak New Member

    Thanks! I did not know the scale as I got these as out-of-box purchases...I will look at the scales and hopefully find an Abrams that matches.

    Thanks again!
  5. buckbeak

    buckbeak New Member

    Hello again!

    I was able to buy a inexpensive Abrams tank from eBay. I thought of buying a kit but to make it more manageable, I bought a diecast model instead. The size is just about right!


    Some parts of the model are a bit bothersome especially the rear... obviously I don't think I will get a true replica of the in-game tank. But I want to do this on this model first. If after painting it turns out right, then I will keep it but if not, then I will look for a different model.

    Tommorrow I will take apart the Abrams and strip the paint off and prepare. :oops:
  6. Sawdust

    Sawdust Member

    No way ho

    I've got to go along with Maico Shark on the 1/32 scale. My son models 1/72 military & his tanks barely cover the palm of a hand without touching the fingers. I model 1/87 scale trains which is HO scale & this tank deffinitely is not HO. Wiki this Mammoth Tank & find out what the specs are if possible then with some math you can figure out what scale it actually is. Good Luck.
  7. Resinbuilder

    Resinbuilder New Member

    How many inches and or centimeters is the Mammoth model you have?

    Sawdust, it can't be 1/32 because the Mammoth is 12 meters long. That model is probably 1/72, 16.67 cm. At least from the quarter/ penny img it looks like that.
  8. buckbeak

    buckbeak New Member

    The Mammoth dimensions is:

    LENGTH: 13.5 cm (not including the protruding guns) 15.5 cm approx including guns.
    WIDTH: 8.5 cm
    HEIGHT: 4.5 cm (not including the turret rocket pods) 5.5 cm including rocket pods

    Thanks for help!
  9. Resinbuilder

    Resinbuilder New Member

    Ahha! 1/87 almost fits, just a tad too small. For it to be 1/87, it'd be 13.79 cm.

    The closest scale to those dimensions would be 1/77 which is 15.58 cm. So I call it 1/77, how large is that Abrams?
  10. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    i may be able to locate and make the actual game mesh into a model if you are interested.

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