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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by FiveFlat, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    or lack there of.
    I have been nailing my track down to the cork roadbed and onto the plywood. Just the sound of the train rolling along the track was still pretty loud. But with my addition I started, I laid some track down with out nailing it... I decided to run the train on it (don't ask why) but it sounded GREAT. It was completely silent!
    So with that in mind, I'm going to pull up all my track (I know, I know.. it's not like there's alot to pull anyway) lay the cork roadbed down correctly but this time use white glue on the cork and the track.

    You all think it will be alot quieter even being glued solid?
  2. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    It might have helped if you had a sheet of foam over the plywood. You could use glue or push nails into it and still eliminate that problem. Just a thought since you're going to pull up your track anyway...
  3. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    You are talking about that solid blue foam you pick up at Home Depot?
  4. HPRL

    HPRL Member

    I agree with EZDays...Foam is the way to go and it is all not that expensive. Matter-of-fact, with the proper framing of your table you can eliminate the plywood all together.
  5. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Yeah, either the blue or pink stuff. A 2' x 8' sheet is around $8. You can build it up to make hills, carve it for water and ravines. I just finished laying track on some and used white glue for the cork and rail nails to hold the track. I'm sure as soon as I get it wired and try to run trains, there will be some adjustments. Using nails should be a lot easier to make changes. Once it's OK, gluing down the balast will hold the track in place and I can remove the nails if they show.
  6. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    That foam is going to make it A LOT easier for ravines/rivers too! Off to Home Depot on my way home from work today!
  7. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    How do you secure the foam to the plywood? White glue again?
  8. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    This last time I used white glue. Some like hot melt, but I find it has a tendency to melt the foam. Also, any solvent-based glue will also melt right through the foam. You could use a non-solvent contact cement.
  9. Brian

    Brian Member

    Would Liquid Nails (the plywood/subfloor type) work for securing the foam to the plywood top?

    I haven't laid any track yet on my table......and I think I may go that route as well.
  10. pgandw

    pgandw Active Member

    White glue or Liquid Nails for Projects is recommended for plywood to foam, and for foam to foam. The foam to foam takes a lot longer than expected to dry.

    The best recommendation I have seen (have not tried myself) for cork to foam and track to foam is latex caulk. Don't remember how well it works for track to cork. Put a very thin bead and spread with a putty knife. Pin/weight the cork or track in place until dry. Holds well, but apparently can be separated with a putty knife without destroying track or cork, unlike Liquid Nails or white glue.

    "I never tried it, but I read about it once or twice!"

    yours in tracking
  11. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Yeah, Fred is right, liquid nails will work. I used it once, but I thought it got a bit expensive and when it sets, it's unforgiving. It does tend to eat into the foam since there is some solvent in it. One time I even tried screwing the foam to the plywood using long deck screws.... Uhhh, not the best idea I ever had...:oops: :oops:
  12. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    I used green contact cement (water cleanup) but its unforgiving as soon as you lay it down. I've also used a latexy paste stuff from Woodland Scenics.
    I saw a layout once where the owner had only ballasted the station area (yet). The train was silent for most of the run but the noise picked up running through the station. We figured it was the solidly glued ballast transmitting to the table. Similar effect to nails.
  13. Zman

    Zman Member

    Liquid nails is the thing, but EZ's right: it's unforgiving. Set the foam on the plywood and clamp the pieces together. Once it's dried, if you try blowing it up you get a bunch of pieces of foam stuck to plywood.
  14. astrowolf67

    astrowolf67 New Member

    While buying my foam last weekend, I went to get some Liquid Nails for projects, and there are two different ones. One, has a red label, the other, has a blue label, and Projects AND Foamboard on the label. FWIW, I bought the caulk gun tube (less than two bucks for 10.5 oz at Home Depot). I also picked up a cap for caulk tubes so it won't go bad as quickly. The squeeze tube type didn't say if it was for foam or not.
  15. n_gineer

    n_gineer New Member

    Anytime you nail your track to the plywood the nails will carry the sound of the train from the track to the table top and amplify it. You can get away with roadbed on plywood without having a lot of noise if you use glue to hold the roadbed and track. That said, foam is the best way.
  16. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    I used a hot glue gun(let it cool for a sec).
    As far as track. I don't use nails, just in case I want(need...have to) make a change.
  17. DaytonTrainDude

    DaytonTrainDude New Member

    I love working with the pink stuff, however I find its quite expensive- $35+ for a 4' x 8' sheet 2" thick. What thickness was the $8 variety??

  18. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    For eight bucks you get a 2' x 8' x 1" sheet, so that's about right for your full 2" sheet.

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