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    I have been using this software for the last 3 weeks, and I can download videos from anywhere. at YouTube, you can download the Video, or, just the soundtrack!! All you do is Highlight the URL, Start the software, called "FREEMAKE", the window pops up, and there a button you click on that reads "Paste URL", the options then appear for all qualities levels of the video, if 1080P is there, it will appear, and all the sound formats appear. You then select what you wish to do. This is all for free. It is a stand alone piece of software, no Spyware (I checked it with Norton), and no strings attached, no toolbars, just make sure if it asks if you want to lod anything other than FREEMAKE, you don't, but I don't remember anything but the EULA coming up, and it's a GNU type of software, they just want to make sure you don't try to sell it. It is incredible. I have downloaded Welding Tutorials that I needed, no longer have to use Bandwidth to see them again, I have everything I need in it's appropriate folder, Music, etc. (and for you perverted members, it works on that too, not that I know, or there's anything wrong with that):blueface::blueface:

    Is it legal to use? How the Hell would I know, I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know what you're going to do with

    anything we offer on this forum, it's up to you to do what's right, it's up to you to figure that out, so don't ask stupid questions!!:Coffee:

    FreeMake!:animated: approved by Adama!!:adamicon:, and this dude, "Kick Ass":ass-kicking:

    Link =

    ******* DISCLAIMER A Quick Tutorial ********(I deleted all of this afterwards:drinksmile:):

    I Love YES, and especially Jon Anderson, a very Spiritual person, and Steve Howe, one of the greatest guitarist to grace this Earth, and a humble person, with many YouTube videos showing how to play what he plays (like we could, some of you can, not me!):bowdown:

    Relayer, I saw them perform this 3 times, back in the Mid 70's, and these guys sound better live than in the studio, true musicians, a transcendental experience with music who's lyrics are so relevant right now!! Listen, dammit!:Computer:

    FM2.jpg FM2.jpg
    FM3.jpg FM4.jpg


    It took 2:36, two minutes and thirty 6 seconds, I have horrible DSL, twisted pairs still! I only wanted the sound track, a 66 mg sound track is a good quality sound track. It's how much information that's there, not necessarily the format.

    Voila, we are finis!!

    It doesn't get better than that!!
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    That is COOL!
    Thank you. I am going to download it and try it out.
  3. Revell-Fan

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    It is a great tool and allows you to choose between the different vid versions and to get what you really want. Subtitles are not downloaded.

    However, it has some problems with sites other than youtube. If you encounter such a problem use Video Download Helper:

    It is legal to stream a stream (naturally). Downloading a stream could become an issue UNLESS it is not done for your own personal use. Of course downloading the latest TV shows and movies is strictly forbidden. :exterminate:

    GData Internet Security might see the installer as a threat and will attempt to quarantine it, so be careful not to have it deleted by accident. ;)
  4. zathros

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    I was a member of one of the biggest Video forums on Earth before taking this Zealot over. I still visit there, but seldom, as I have seldom any use for it. I learned a lot about the laws of different nations as there seemed to be a lot of lawyers that were members. The E.U. laws are Draconian compared to here. German laws are different than U.S.A. laws. In the U.S., long as you do not circumvent the protection software, no law is broken. It would be virtually (but not) impossible to trace a person copying a streaming video, remember, you are copying the stream, not circumventing it's protection. That is a huge grey area and is why only kids stupidly downloading songs, that actually have the names, from sites, like Napster, which required registration, ended up being charged. U.S.A., land of the free, just don't get sick here, or run out of money. :)
  5. Revell-Fan

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    The same here in Germany. We do have the right to make a backup copy of all our digital data for security reasons or as a free give-away to our closest friends ("Recht auf Privatkopie"), however, with that digital copy protection this option is rendered useless. Just imagine, you are unable to put a copy of your favourite movie which you have legally obtained on your mobile device because of that protection. You'll have to buy a digital copy then. Too bad if there is none.
  6. zathros

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    Send me a P.M., and I'll show you how to copy anything made. You won't have to spend a dime. ;)
  7. Revell-Fan

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    Thank goodness no-one has read the previous post..! ;)
  8. zathros

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    It's legal to use the software I can link you too, as long as you have the original material. When I take my motorhome to go camping, I never bring the original copies as if they were stolen, I have irreplaceable DVD's. You can backup what you own.

    People who do things illegally have to live with that. I only send people to sites I know that they will not get viruses from. It's amazing how few people know how to use the "PRT-SCRN" button function!! If you can see it, you can capture it with this function!! That is built into every computer made. I believe in an open Internet. That's it. My personal beliefs differ from the "Norm", in that if the companies refuse to sell the product in the U.S., especially because they are greedy bastards, and think all "Americans" are wealthy, then screw them. That is my opinion. It's like the defunct "ALCAN models. All the scans of these model kits are out there. Built as they are, they are kind of boring, greeble the Heck out of them, you have a new model, completely different from what you based the model on. This is why companies like Halinski are posting good size pictures of their models, and all the pages on their sites, they know there is a different getting the book, with the proper paper weights, and exceptional printing. They know it will be pirated, so they put up the plans for those who would do it themselves, and otherwise have no access to their product. They will not allow U.S. Stateside companies to print by licensed printing, it is their loss, by choice. ;)
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