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    The B-17 is a legendary craft. It was quite over built and could take massive punishment which I believe no other craft cold sustain, IMHO. I llove history, which I believe most of us do, which is why we build these models. Except for the Scifi nuts, they're planning future History! :)

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    Flying fortress

    Those stories remind of two movies I've seen long ago: Memphis Belle; and one of the Amazing Stories. But this was real!
    There were many heroic, close-to-unbelievable stories in that terrible conflict. As a former military, I like any subject related to WWII, and do thank you for sharing.
    Brazil did take part in that dark page of our history, specially in Italy, and our sailors, soldiers and airmen also proved their value alongside the allies. The price was high, but freedom isn't cheap.

    Rogério Silva
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    I immediately recalled the Amazing Stories episode. It was a two-parter, I have it on DVD. This story is truly amazing and unbelievable. The fact that it is part of real history makes it even more appealing. It would make a good novel or even a Spielberg film.
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    hey went i was in germany a guy at one of the store i was in said he knew were a wwII plane was so me and some guys followed him to the spot and low and behold there setting in a field was half of a p51 mustang out in the middle of a farmers field i was shocked ...
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    I was very young when I watched The Mission from Amazing Stories when it came on tv one night as a repeat. A B-17 saved by a cartoonist, I honestly couldn't have thought that one up. :mrgreen:

    This story of the All American and the Memphis Belle are testaments to this plane's incredible durability in combat that saved many American lives. This also reminds me a few stories of the P-47 Thunderbolt, an equally durable and reliable aircraft like the B-17 and the unholy terror of German tanks.

    I envy that generation’s tenacity, ingenuity, integrity and courage. The B-17 is a reminder to me that there was a time and place in this country we used to make things to last and a benchmark for the rest of the world to measure up to.

    Zathros, the only aircraft today that can come close to measuring up to the B-17s durability is probably the A-10 Warthog. Many of those flew back home with rudders blown off, half the wing missing and an engine shot to bits during both Persian Gulf wars. It may have to do with the A-10 also being called the Thunderbolt II as to pertain to the P-47's lineage...
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    I got "pulled over" by a A-10 Warthog just after 9/11. I took off and a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) was issued stating we were not to fly exactly where I went flying ( North of Croton's Point on the Hudson River) about 5 minutes after I departed. That A-10 was so loud, I thought my Piper Cherokee's engine was falling off. The pilot signaled me, I switched to UNICOM and he asked "What was my intention?". I stated my intention was "to do whatever he told me to do". He ordered me to go to 3000 feet at a heading of 90 degrees, due East, and after about 15 minutes, he told me I could continue VFR, as long as I did not go back to where I was. I had sweat marks down to my pants pockets, I just returned back to Danbury Airport and called it a day.

    I thought, "Well, at least I'll have a neat story to tell someday", but knowing that massive Gatling gun/cannon was behind me, and I was a fingernail away from meeting my maker still brings no comfort has not left me with that "neat story" feeling!
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    Only thing scarier I imagine is being on the ground and actually hearing that gatling gun roaring off nearby. Even though they were practicing from base at the time not far where I lived I still got goosebumps.

    I pity a tanker at the business end of those things.

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