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  1. Anybody knows any system to simulate aluminum finish (not perfect), in a card model printed in light grey?
    I do not need a perfect finish.

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    Google the phrase "card model aluminum finish" and you should come up with some good information. ;-)

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    I suggest using aluminum foil

    you can cut out from an aluminum foil if you it is just small. You can just use the printed pattern as a guide. Otherwise, you can buy aluminum nail polish. I've tried it.
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    Depends on what kind of finish you want. If it is glossy, mirror-like, there´s a aluminium foil tape used in plumbing / airconditioning. The effect is quite nice, I think. I used it for the tracks in this gallery:

    If it is matte silver, you can use silver paper (I found one in a stationery), it looks like this:
    I have also found a silver tempera colour in arts & crafts store. I have not tried it yet.

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